Beauty Blogger Of The Week: Milly Tomalin Of 'Pearls & Poodles' On Establishing A Freelance Writing Career

06 September 2012 by

Beauty columnist and blogger Milly Tomalin celebrates all that is gloriously girly in her femininely named blog 'Pearls & Poodles'. As well as road testing all the latest products Milly demonstrates her latest looks and hairstyles for your inspiration. To find out more read our Q&A...

Grazia Daily: How long have you been blogging?                                                   
Milly: I remember the very night I began my blog. It was a wintery evening back in January 2010 and all I wanted to do was immerse myself in a world of writing and beauty; and so Pearls & Poodles was born. Two and a half years later and I am so thankful I made that initial decision to start blogging.  

Grazia Daily: What made you decide to start your blog?
Milly: Starting my own blog seemed like the natural transition for me after spending months avidly reading my favourite beauty blogs on a daily basis. I have always had a passion for writing, poetic prose and alliteration being my weakness, and a love for makeup so I thought why not combine the two and create a space where I am free to muse about the cool and warm tones of my favourite lipsticks!
Grazia Daily: What’s been your highlight so far?
Milly: I have been blessed with many amazing opportunities and highlights throughout my blogging ‘career’. Meeting the brains behind some of my favourite beauty brands, such as Liz Earle, has been incredible as well as having one-to-one time with some of the industry's leading makeup artists. Marvelling at their artistry whilst being able to probe them about the best techniques and products to use has been a dream! But probably one of the greatest highlights has been establishing myself as a freelance beauty writer, contributing to a variety of online beauty publications. If it had not been for my blog, such opportunities would never have arisen.
Grazia Daily: Are there any particular perks of blogging?
Milly: Of course, the nature of blogging means that you are sometimes fortunate enough to attend events and receive samples. I always feel very privileged when I attend press events as I know I am getting first exposure of new beauty launches before they even hit the shelves. To swatch, photograph and talk about up and coming collections, whilst invariably being plied with miniature macaroons and cocktails, isn’t a bad way to spend an evening! The biggest perk however has been meeting all the other bloggers who I have become friends with over the years; it is always so nice to see a friendly face in a crowded room and everyone I've met has been so lovely and supportive.  
Grazia Daily: Where do you get your inspiration?
Milly: I wish I could say that I pour over Vogue each month and create inspiration boards of my favourite catwalk looks – but quite simply, I am much more likely to turn to my favourite high street shops or fashion bloggers for inspiration. I find their style much more relatable. The likes of Shirley, Victoria and Sammi are my bookmarked inspiration! What inspires my blog posts are just the little things I see and think about each day. I keep my trusty notebook close at hand and am constantly scribbling down future blog topics I want to write about. My blog is very much an online catalogue of my beauty-related doings, so if I've had my hair coloured or purchased a new nail polish...I will blog about it!
Grazia Daily: Blog brag time: why should people read your blog?
Milly: My blog is a celebration of the beautiful unnecessaries in life. So whether it's that seventeenth pink lipstick I've bought (which some could argue looks exactly the same as all the others) or my hair masque of the moment, you will see it featured. I pride myself on good quality photographs and lean on my love for descriptive dialogue to ensure I produce detailed reviews and features. I don't proclaim to be an expert, I am just your average girl who owns one too many nail polishes and is constantly on a mission to find that perfect foundation!  
Grazia Daily: What advice do you have for anyone starting a blog?
Milly: Writing a blog is a very personal journey and it is just important to remember that there is no right or wrong. The way I approach blogging could differ dramatically from the next person - yet we may both be equally happy in our achievements. Have fun and draw inspiration from other blogs you like, but ultimately make sure your site is a true reflection of you. Readers love to feel a connection with the blogger so it is nice to have photos and little bio of yourself on your blog so any first time readers can instantly gage the tone and style of your site. Be patient, be committed and be original and you will hopefully see your blog blossom.
Grazia Daily: Which other beauty blogs do you love?
Milly: This is always a tough question, especially when your Google Reader is filled with over 200 different blogs which are enjoyed and read on a daily basis. My go-to beauty blog/bible is Vivianna Does Makeup (what she says goes, in my eyes!) but I also love to read Ghostparties for fabulous product-on-face photos and The London Lipgloss for her passionate writing and hilarious disclaimers!


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