Beauy SOS: What Are The Best Tips For Growing Out A Fringe? We Ask The Experts

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1. Take the weight out

We talked to hair stylist and beauty brand mogul Charles Worthington about the fringe dilemma. Because everyone’s fringe grows out differently, he suggests getting help from your stylist, who can gauge how to proceed with your hair. ‘Getting your stylist to take the weight out for you is an effective way of stopping it becoming too bulky.’  By taking the weight out, and blending the fringe into longer layers, the transition will be a lot more seamless, and you will actually be able to see in front of you. Result!

2. Change your parting

Our own tip from the Grazia Beauty team is to change up your parting. Especially if you sport a blunt fringe with a middle part, we suggest playing around with different angled parts that will support your fringe as it grows.

Part your hair on the side and pull it into a side ponytail. Loosely braid your fringe and tuck it behind your ear, pinning it back and spraying it in place. [a target="_self" href="/conversation/archive/2012/07/27/blonde-ambition--blake-lively-confesses-to-chanelling-marilyn-monroe-on-the-red-.htm%20">Here is a great example of a swept side part on Blake Lively[/a], with wisps of hair left free while the rest can be supported by hairspray.

3. Colour it softly

Going from cutting to colouring your growing fringe may seem counterproductive, but according to Andreas Wild, the senior stylist at John Frieda, colouring is great for tricking the eye: ‘Consider getting the ends of the fringe coloured lighter to make the ends softer and less blunt.’ Furthermore, your fringe will look longer, making growing out process appear quicker. Ask your stylist to balayage your ends a few shades lighter than the base colour to achieve the right look.

4. Style it

While our tips have already included different partings and hairspray, there are other styling tips to keep your fringe at bay as it grows. Because growing a fringe out requires control, we suggest using taming products. For coarse or wavy hair, use pomade, and on fine hair, use a small amount of alcohol-based gel to tame flyaways. You can use these products to style your fringe in interesting ways, such as slicking it back into a ponytail or [a target="_self" href="/fashion/archive/2012/06/19/keira-knightleys-valentino-obsession-continues-as-she-flaunts-engagement-ring-at.htm">Keira Knightley’s braid over[/a] look.

Charles Worthington suggests blow-dry spray: ‘Using products such as blow-dry spray when you style will help hold your fringe back and keep it out of your eyes as it grows.’ Because it’s less weighty on the hair, blow-dry spray will allow you to style and mould your fringe more throughout the day.

Once the fringe has grown past the temples, it will become more unruly. Use this hair tip from Stephen Low of Neville Hair and Beauty on your fringe by using a round brush and Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric for a sexy wave.

5. Pin it back

With Great Gatsby partings and retro headscarves so popular this season, using accessories to keep your unruly fringe is place will be more glamorous than ever! Pin some bobby pins underneath a soft headscarf for a retro-chic look, or use a ‘clawed’ headband to secure your fringe.  Or try an extreme side parting like they did at the Giambattista Valli Autumn/Winter 2012 presentation, and secure with a pin for cool, youthful look.

From Alexa Chung’s swept sixties style to Rooney Mara’s short, blunt cut, the beauty world has been captivated of late by the statement fringe. As we recently reported, this year in particular celebs have paid homage to the fringe with an array of contemporary looks. From Jessica Biel on the red carpet to the models at Versace, everyone’s going for the chop.

But because the fringe is a more extreme statement, it needs a loyal wearer, and most of us get a fringe to shake up our signature do, not for keeps. Very quickly our fashionable fringe becomes boring bangs and the dreaded ‘growing out’ process is ever so tiresome.

Because a fringe can take up to six months (or even a year) to fully grow out, you need to get creative in order to combat the awkward stages. Luckily we’ve asked some experts for their tips for growing out a fringe gracefully. Here they are...

By Elise Marraro


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