Lady Gaga's Best Ever Hairstyles From A Rainbow Ponytail To That Bright Blue Wig

21 August 2012 by

Lady Gaga is known for her iconic and often strange sense of style and her hair is no exception; whether it be a rainbow pony tail, a brightly coloured wig, shaved or dark this superstar really has done it all. Gaga shot to fame with her polka straight platinum blonde hair and blunt fringe when she released her first song Just Dance.  And who can forget the infamous bow made of hair in December 2011? Cue the million copycat bows from Primark. But all these tame in comparison to the various colours that have been seen on the ‘Bad Romance' singer. Whether it is a blue wig, a mimosa yellow do or Barbie pink streaks Gagaloo shows no fear.

She's also dabbled in the androgynous look when she arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August 2011 dressed as her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, complete with short dark curly locks. Fast forward to September 2012 and the never-one-to-be-out-done pop star shaved the underneath of her hair in honour sporting a rather unorthodox undercut. Being the fashion forward mega star that she is, Gaga has tried pretty much ALL the possible hair trendsfrom her granny chic grey tresses, dip dyed aqua hair to the sharp bob. As ever, you saw it on Gaga first.

Sometimes Queen G shocks us all with no meat dress or no rainbow infused colours and shows a more subdued and sleek style. Remember her slicked back 'do when she attended the MIT Museum in Massachusetts or her stunning brunette waves when she schmoozed with Donatella Versace in October 2012?

But don’t be fooled - we're sure it won’t be long until we see her next adventurous look to treat us all...

By Melody Small

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Lady Gaga at Palazzo Versace, October 2012

Lady Gaga at the Fame eau de parfum launch, September 2012


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Gaga debuted a 'Louis Vuitton' brown hair do on her Twitter feed. How sophisticated!

[a href="/beauty/archive/2012/08/21/who-wants--louis-vuitton-hair--like-lady-gaga.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Lady Gaga Goes Brunette![/a]

August 2012

Proabably Possibly inspired by a pumpkin, Gaga took her pup for a stroll with a mass of bright yellow waves.

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June 2012

The Gaga rocked an amazing mint green hairstyle as she posed for fans outside Sydney Opera House.

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May 2012

The chanteuse rocked up to Tokyo Airport for the Japan leg of her Born This Way Ball world tour sporting a thigh-length rainbow ponytail.

[a href="/beauty/archive/2012/05/09/lady-gaga-wows-crowds-in-japan-with-her-rainbow-hair.htm" target="_blank">From the article: My Little Pony Tail, Anyone?[/a]

July 2011

Channelling a certain Amy Winehouse perhaps? We're loving that crimped ballerina bun and blunt fringe.

August 2011

At the MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga arrived as her drag king alter ego, Jo Calderone. Oh, yes!

[a href="/fashion/archive/2011/08/30/lady-gaga-attends-vmas-dressed-as-a-boy-answering-to-the-name-of-jo-calderone.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone.[/a]

June 2011

Remember when Gaga arrived in London with lashings of bright blue hair?

[a href="/travelclub/archive/2011/06/21/going-gaga-for-nyc.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Going Gaga for NYC[/a]

May 2011

Was Gaga influenced by Cruella De Ville, Daphne Guinness AND Nicki Minaj for this one?

[a href="/beauty/archive/2011/05/11/lady-gaga-goes-ginger--and-black-and-white-.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Lady Gaga goes ginger and black and white![/a]

June 2011

It was bold and blue for the CFDA Fashion Awards when Gaga picked up the prestigious fashion icon award.

[a href="/fashion/archive/2011/06/07/lady-gaga-wins-the-cfda-fashion-icon-award.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Lady Gaga wins the CFDA Fashion Icon Award.[/a]

March 2011

It was all about the long blonde bunches for an appearance on Mugler's catwalk.

[a href="/beauty/archive/2011/03/21/sunscreen--eyeliner---losing-your-hair--lady-gaga-talks-beauty.htm">From the article: Lady Gaga Talks Beauty![/a]

December 2011

Yes! The infamous hair bow. And a zillion copy-cats were born.

October 2010

Sultry, no?

September 2010

Blue dip-dye, anyone?

[a href="/fashion/archive/2010/09/13/lady-gaga-wears-mcqueen-to-the-vmas.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Lady Gaga wears McQueen to the VMAs.[/a]

September 2010

Eek, our eyes! For another faboosh performance, Gaga went bright yellow.

July 2010

In her capacity as Creative Director of the newly revamped Polaroid, Gaga visited the MIT Museum in Massachusetts sporting a sophisticated slicked-back 'do.

[a href="/fashion/archive/2010/07/01/girl-on-film--gaga-and-the-museum-of-polaroids.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Gaga and the Museum of Polaroids![/a]

May 2010

Sparking a hot hair trend, Gaga opted for granny chic back in 2010.

[a href="/beauty/archive/2012/01/20/hot-hair-trend--marina-diamandis--kelly-osbourne-go-grey.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Going Grey.[/a]

September 2009

Is anyone else reminded of a futurisitic Marilyn Monroe?

September 2009

Before her meat-wearing days, the icon added a few pink streaks to her blonde 'do to keep the wackiness alive.

November 2009

A surprisingly subdued hair look from Queen G.

December 2009

For one of her typically dramatic performances, the singer donned a blonde and pink fringed wig.

[a href="/fashion/archive/2009/12/16/exclusive-antonio-speaks-about-gaga.htm" target="_blank">From the article: Antonio speaks about Gaga! [/a]


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