Geri Halliwell's Makeup Artist Dishes On The Spice Girls' Beauty Look For The Olympics Closing Ceremony: EXCLUSIVE

13 August 2012 by

The magical moment on everyone's lips today? No, not Justin Theroux getting down on one knee, although that has admittedly got us pretty excited. We're talking about the Spice Girls at the Olympics Closing Ceremony! Wasn't it just fab? Grazia Daily has been treated to an exclusive first look at the sketch of Victoria Beckham's glorious Giles dress, we've seen the behind-the-scenes snaps and gasped at the news that Melanie C was dressed by - wait for it - JD Sports. We kid you not. And this afternoon, we grabbed an exclusive chat with Charlotte Reid, the make-up artist who created Geri Halliwell's gorgeously glowy beauty look. Read on for Charlotte's insider tips on *ahem* spicing up your beauty regime...

Grazia Daily: How did you decide on the beauty look?
Charlotte Reid: Geri and I had a chat the day before to discuss the inspiration but generally she trusts me to create the best look and find the right products. We felt that because the set was so full-on and she was wearing such a dramatic red dress by Suzanne Neville, glittering Isabel Marant ankle boots and a tiara, we'd keep the makeup pared-down and fresh.

Grazia Daily: What was the key to the look?
Charlotte Reid: I used gold to highlight her cheekbones, she wore gold eyeshadow and I put a gold sheen all over her body. Her natural energy also helped with getting that glow!

Grazia Daily: Did you apply fake tan?
Charlotte Reid: I used LDN : SKINS Tone 3 Mousse (£28 from and mix it into the face and body cream. It evens the skin tone and creates a flawless finish.

Grazia Daily: Did you consider going for bold patriotic beauty like Union Jack nail art?
Charlotte Reid: No. We wanted to keep the makeup simple and youthful otherwise it would be too overwhelming. Also we felt that everyone would expect an old school Spice Girls look so we created something more modern instead.

Grazia Daily: Can you tell us your top secret behind the look?
Charlotte Reid: To prepare the skin, I gave Geri a gentle massage using Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light to eradicate all the bacteria which results in the pores shrinking and any shine is then reduced. This also ensures the skin stays in tip-top condition for several days afterwards. (Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light is available for £229 from and Harrods).

Geri Halliwell's Makeup Artist Dishes On The Spice Girls' Beauty Look For The Olympics Closing Ceremony: EXCLUSIVE

Grazia Daily: What one product can Geri not live without?
Charlotte Reid: If I had to limit her look to just two products, it'd be Stilla cream blush and Eve Lom lip balm.

Grazia Daily: Were there any last minute dramas?
Charlotte Reid: No. We arrived at the Olympic Stadium at 11am so there was no panic. I spent an hour doing Geri's makeup while she was getting her hair done then we put her in the dress early because it was so tiny.

Grazia Daily: How did you feel when you found out you'd be doing Geri's makeup for such a huge event?
Charlotte Reid: We didn't actually get the schedule until a day before because they wanted to keep everything a surprise. I just kept thinking 'I hope I get it!' and ultimately it was Geri's decision for me to do it. She's my longest standing client so she's come to trust me to make her feel comfortable for big occasions.

Grazia Daily: How long have you been working with Geri?
Charlotte Reid: Since the Spice Girls first began so last night felt just like the old days! The atmosphere backstage was electrifying and the girls were on top form. Even though everyone now has their own teams, there was a lot of love in the room and when we were watching their performance from the green room, everyone erupted into rapturous applause. It was such a high. 

Geri Halliwell's Makeup Artist Dishes On The Spice Girls' Beauty Look For The Olympics Closing Ceremony: EXCLUSIVE

Grazia Daily: What's Geri like to work with?
Charlotte Reid: She's totally professional and inspiring. She pushes you to give 110% and won't be happy if you get complacent. It's an intimate job so we've come to know each other inside out and she's always offering to make me tea or lunch!

Grazia Daily: Last night must've been a highlight but what other iconic beauty moments have stayed with you?
Charlotte Reid: The Olympics was definitely the highlight of my career and it was fantastic to be a part of history. I also remember when I first began working with the Spice Girls as an assistant and we were creating five bold smokey eyes for the band. It made quite the statement and marked their signature beauty look. It was amazing to be part of a look that was copied all over the world.


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