How-to: Get Marilyn Monroe's Voluminous Waves With Our Top Tips From Nicky Clarke's Warren Holmes

03 August 2012 by

We have always been jealous of Marilyn Monroe's curls. How were they so big and soft and bouncy? How did they stay put for so long? When we curl our hair we either end up with a fizzy mane or flat 'do within an hour. So when we heard claims from Nicky Clarke's creative director Warren Holmes that he could get ANY hair to look like the screen siren's, we decided to put him to the test.

We sent Helly Marrion-Cole to the brand's Mayfair salon to see whether he could transform her fine, poker-straight bob into thick Marilyn waves.

Click through our gallery to find out three ways to create curls, his top tips for getting volume and how to get this exact Marilyn style.

By Kate Lloyd

Step 1: Your Cut

Warren says that in order to get Marilyn style volume and waves, your cut is imperative. Tell your hairdresser that you need "rounded layers that fall in a pyramid shape" as well some shorter front pieces and length at the sides. This way, when you curl it, the volume will build at the sides.

Step 2: The Way You Wash It

In order to get big Marilyn hair, you need volumising products. Warren used Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo and Conditioner on Helly's hair.

Step 3: Prep The Hair

You're going to need mousse to keep your curls in place all day. Around a tennis ball size should be alright, although Warren says it's not about how much you use, it's how evenly it's distributed that matters. You don't want a combo of sticky sections and frizzy areas. He does Helly's hair section by section, combing Nicky Clarke's Great Body Ultimate Mousse through.

Step 4: Blow Dry!

Warren moves Helly's hair around with a brush as he dries is to give it the maximum possible natural volume. He says it's important to get the product to dry in the hair quickly, otherwise you won't benefit from it. He blowdries the front sections of Helly's hair away from her face.

Step 4: Blow Dry!

He then loosens the hair with his fingers to create more volume...

Step 4: Blow Dry!

.. before using a nozzle and a round brush with the dryer to smooth out the hair, especially around the hairline. This will help it sit smoothly around the rollers.

Step 5: Side Part

Your perfect parting will fall above the arch of your eyebrow appaz

Step 6: Rollers

The top section of Helly's hair was curled using Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers. The ends of the hair were tucked behind each one and then it was rolled down, twisting away from the head and pinned down.

Step 7: Flexi Styling

These Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers give a tighter curl. Take sections a couple of inches deep and wrap around the styler before twisting the

ends of the styler up in to a loop.

Step 8: Pin Curls

The back section of Helly's hair was too short to flexi-style. Warren used a tiny barrelled curling iron (the [a href="/weblogEntries/" target="_blank">Classic Slim Tong[/a]) instead. He first combed and hairsprayed the section, before taking small sections, curling them and pinning them up.

Step 9: Wait...

Now you go your makeup, shave your legs, get dressed, eat something, have a glass of wine. Basically,  bide your time. Give your hair at least 15 minutes to set.

Step 10: Take Out The Curling Devices

Remove each pin, roller and flexi styler, combing through each section one-by-one. Push back on each piece with comb at the root to create even more volume.

Warren removed the devices from the hair line backwards, combing each section through with a fine tooth comb.

Step 11: Style And Spray

Warren manipulated the hair to put it into the Marilyn shape. You can create the distinctive marcelle waves at the front by pinning the sections in place while you finish the rest of the hair.

Once you've remove the pins, spray the entire head with a significant amount of hairspray.

The Finished Look!

And there you have it, Helly's hair has been transformed from sleek and straight to big and bouncy!


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