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31 July 2012 by

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It was the legendary BINTM makeover episode last night! James Galvin, style director at Daniel Galvin took the reigns with the looks. We caught up with him to find out how he changed each girl's style. Click through the gallery to find out what he did.



Risikat’s hair just didn’t match her look – it was far too girly and uninspiring.  Taking our cue from her feline features we gave her a sexy Halle Berry crop.


Anne’s look was slightly too ordinary.  Through her new ‘do we imitated Agyness Dean’s ‘model style’ focussing on the contrasting colour.  In terms of style, we put in texture to break up the solidness.  In doing so we gave her a grungier, striking look.


Taking inspiration from the Dragon Tattoo’s Noomi Rapace we gave Jennifer a dramatic change – giving her an undercut and colouring her hair very dark.  Jennifer gives off a bit of a rebellious vibe and we wanted her hair to reflect her personality and match her tattoos and piercings.


Kelly’s hair was boring with a heavy dull fringe.  We wanted to make her look more striking; more up-to-date.  We gave her a shoulder bob and a strong, short fringe.  These fringes are really going to take off this year and it certainly did a lot for Kelly’s style; strengthening her features and giving her the confident elegance of a French style icon.

Emma B

Emma needed a bit more movement in her hair to bring out her stunning features and highlight her femininity.  We put in some soft, natural lights to make it look sun kissed and some long layers to emphasise the natural movement of the hair.


Lisa has beautiful piercing eyes, strong cheekbones and jawline and big lips but her lacklustre hairstyle was doing nothing to highlight these incredible features.  We knew that a shorter, pixie-like, choppier style would complement her face’s natural beauty.


Letitia’s look was based upon Gisele Bundchen’s. Her hair wasn’t in very good condition so we treated it and lightened the colour to give it a natural iridescent glow and to give it the kiss of life that her locks really needed.  We also added softness and movement to the style to make it fall in a beachy, natural way.


Again Madeleine’s style was just too off-the-street. It did nothing to give her that extra edge.  We looked to Naomi Campbell for inspiration, applying long silky hair extensions and cutting in a blunt long fringe, thus adding that necessary element of glamour.


Penelope’s hair was too short, didn’t have enough movement and was too thin. We looked to Bridget Bardot for our inspiration; giving her volume and length with hair extensions and a lighter colour with highlights for a sexy, more seductive appearance.


This was our crazy masterpiece.  Roxanne’s youthful looks and girly features needed an injection of excitement.  Taking our inspiration from a look that Daniel had created for Vogue in the late 60s we created an orange afro – wild and eye-catching this look needs Roxanne’s beautiful features to pull it off.


Tamsin was already gorgeous but her hair simply fell around her face and it needed a bit more shape.  We simply put in a blunt fringe and a few layers around the front to frame her face.


For Anita we took inspiration from Freya Erichsen. She had a very ‘pretty girl’ appearance which did nothing for her.  We wanted her to stand out from the crowd and for hair to reflect her youthful, vibrant personality and therefore put in a heavier fringe and feathery choppy layers. 


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