How-To: Get This Patriotic Nail Art For The Olympics Opening Ceremony!

27 July 2012 by

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When we think 'big sporting event' we don't think stadiums, leotards or athletes, we think nail art OBVS.

Over the next few weeks we'll be celebrating The Games through the medium of the nail. With patriotic how-tos from some of our favourite nail artists and brands.

First up, we joined the Olympians and their mum's at the P&G Salon and got Max Factor's Zarra Celik to show us how to get this union jack design.

Click through the gallery to see the steps.

By Kate Lloyd

Step 1: Paint Nails Blue

Apply a base coat then use a blue polish to paint all your nails except your ring finger.

Step 2: Paint Ring Finger White

Paint your ring finger nail white, you'll probably need two coats of polish.

Step 3: Paint a Red Vertical Stripe

Use a nail art brush to draw a red vertical line down the centre of the nail. Hold the nail tightly and draw from the base to the tip.

Step 4: Paint A Horizontal Stripe

Keep holding the nail tightly and draw a red line across the nail's width. Don't worry if you go slightly too far, you can clean up afterwards.

Step 5: Paint a Blue V

Hold the nail very steadily and draw a blue line with the nail art brush, parallel to the red vertical line. (Start from the centre of the nail.)

Then draw a diagonal line from the centre outwards.

Make sure you leave a white space between the red lines and blue lines.

Step 6: Fill In And Paint A Second V

Fill in the triangle that you have drawn. Then repeat the process, drawing a blue line parallel to the horizontal red line and another one parallel to the diagonal red line.

Make sure you leave a space between the lines.

Step 7: Fill In and Repeat In Each Quarter

Fill in the second triangle and then repeat on each quarter of the nail.

Step 8: Get A Matching Patriotic Outfit!

There you have it! Super cute Union Jack nail art!


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