How-To: Get Lana Del Rey's Retro Makeup With Our Guide From Illamasqua's Mika Johnson

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We LOVE Lana Del Rey’s makeup in the Barbarella-style H&M ads! It’s a contemporary retro look that’s been worn by celebs like Adele, Madonna and Cheryl Cole and it's surprisingly wearable and glamorously fresh. It’s our new fave look for going out!

Wanna try it? Graziette Kate Lloyd met with Illamasqua’s Mika Johnson, to find out how to get Lana’s style. Mika said that Lana’s look is a sculptural mix of contour and highlight. The key element is ‘60’s style eyeliner with modern techniques’. Unlike the harsh whites of the 60’s, Lana’s eyes are surrounded by softer, pinker brown hues that blend well.

Here’s Mika’s step-by-step guide to getting a wearable but still oh-so Lana face.

Step 1: Foundation

Mika uses [a href="" target="_blank">Skin Base no. 7[/a] foundation to get a smooth, flawless base, which is essential for the look. He uses a larger blending brush all over the skin, and a smaller blending brush for detailing.

Step 2: The Brows

Lana always wears a strong brow. To get the look, Mika used [a href="" target="_blank">Eye Brow Cake in Peek[/a], using small strokes....

Step 2: The Brows

..He then used an eye brow brush to brush out the brows for shaping and blending...

Step 2: The Brows

...Mika’s last step was to highlight the brow bone with a white highlighter pencil.

Step 3: The eyeshadow

First apply what Mika calls a deadtone shade to the eyelid; a shade without any warmth (he used [a href="" target="_blank">Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow[/a])....

Step 3: The eyeshadow

...Then Mika took [a href="" target="_blank">Powder Eyeshadow in Feint[/a], a pinky-brown eye shadow and swept it over the lid, blending with the brush at the crease.

Step 4: The eyeliner

Now we get to the fun bit! First, Mika used his liner brush to measure the eye, including how long he wanted the winged flick of liner. He then made a thin line along the lash line using a combination of the [a href="" target="_blank">Eyeliner Cake in Mislead[/a] mixed with a drop of [a href="" target="_blank">Sealing Gel[/a]. 

Step 4: The eyeliner

For the wing, instead of extending the eye liner past the lashes, Mika starts at the end of the wing and connects it to the eye. Mika then fills the eye liner in with his brush to get the thicker liner look.

Step 5: Under eye makeup

Take an angled brush, and dust with a neutral tone under the lower lashes (Mika used [a href="" target="_blank">Powder Eyeshadow in Heroine[/a]).

He then used the black liner combination on the lower lashes with an angled brush, and the blended over the liner with [a href="" target="_blank">Powder Eyeshadow in Obsidian[/a]. He finally used his highlighter pencil on the waterline to make the eye pop.

Step 6: Mascara

Mika put [a href="" target="_blank">Masquara in Raven[/a] on both the upper and lower lashes. He usually advises against putting mascara on the lower lashes, but he makes an exception for the heavy Lana look.

Step 7: Contour and blush

Use the same Powder Eyeshadow in Heroine, take a powder brush and sweep the from the cheek bones to temple for definition. Then, Mika suggests a delicate toned blusher, sweeping on cheek bone (he used [a href="" target="_blank">Illamasqua Naked Rose Blusher[/a]).

Step 8: Highlighter

For the Lana effect, Mika used a liberal amount of highlighter on the cheekbones

Step 9: Lips

Preparing the lips is essential. Mika’s tip is to take a blending brush with the foundation and blend it over the lip to erase pigment and diffuse the lip colour. He then uses the powder highlighter on the cupid’s bow of the top lip for plumping effect.

Finally, he uses the contour shade Heroine and presses the colour with his brush under Kate’s bottom lip. These steps push out the lips and make them appear Lana large.

Step 9: Lips

Then simply apply a neutral coloured lip gloss, such as [a href="" target="_blank">Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Intimacy[/a]. Then set the face by applying a lightweight finishing powder to your T-Zone.

Step 10: Lashes!

The final piece for the Lana look, LASHES. Measure the lashes to fit of your eye, and then cut to necessary length. Apply glue, wait thirty seconds, then apply lashes (ends first!) to the lash line. Press and set!


Written by Elise Marraro


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