Do You Wear Makeup When You're Exercising? Bloggers and Grazia's Beauty Team Reveal Their Sporty Beauty Regime

26 July 2012 by

GALLERY >> What makeup do you wear to the gym?

With the Games right round the corner and incredible athletes on our doorstep, we reckon we really should make more of an effort to exercise on a regular basis. We in Grazia HQ don't find the idea of hitting the streets with a sweaty, red face all that tempting. Are we just being vain when we apply a dab of foundation and touch of mascara when we hit the gym? We decided to find out what the beauty experts do, so asked beauty bloggers and Grazia's beauty team whether they wear makeup to exercise. Here's what they said.


"I wear [a href="" target="_blank">Benefit's That Gal [/a]primer for a light dewy glow without the danger of foundation runs."

Jill from [a href="" target="_blank">Pout Out Proud[/a]

"I know hitting the gym shouldn’t mean putting your best face on but equally, it’s no excuse to go bared faced. We see celebrities looking make-up free when they leave a hardcore work out but trust us, there’s a lot of work that goes into pulling off bare faced chic!

I usually make sure I wear a waterproof mascara, YSL have the best sweat proof formulas I think.

Dior’s [a href="" target="_blank">DIORSKIN NUDE[/a] is perfect for a little touch up if needed because it’s a crème-gel base and plenty of Homeoplasmine balm on my lips as I tend to lick my lips when I work out so they get really dry!

Alternatively, top up on a fake tan for your face so that you can go base free but still look glowing."

Lauren from Grazia's beauty team

"I like to keep my makeup minimal when doing any kind of exercise. If I do choose to wear any at all I first like to use a really hydrating moisturiser like the Origins [a href="" target="_blank">A Perfect World[/a] and then as a base I use a BB cream with the [a href="" target="_blank">Collection 2000 [/a]concealer. I lightly dab on a cream blush, this one is from Elizabeth Arden and then keep my eyes simple with just a stroke of mascara. A tinted lip balm works well on the lips and I always keep my [a href="" target="_blank">Caudalie[/a] beauty elixir close by!"

Lily from [a href="" target="_blank">What I Heart Today[/a]

"Exercise for me is swimming, so it is not so much if I use any special products during, but what I use after. I find my skin, especially on my face gets really dry so I try to use an exfoliating scrub that still holds in moisture when I get out the pool, like [a href="" target="_blank">Clinique's 7 Day Scrub[/a]. To restore the lost moisture instead of my usual moisturiser I slather on [a href=",83,1,29776,271775.htm" target="_blank">L'Occitane's Ultra Rich Face Cream[/a]."

Rachel from [a href="" target="_blank">[/a]

"I try and keep makeup minimal when I exercise because I feel that when you sweat and your pores open you don’t want all that foundation or whatever getting into your skin!]

If it’s a morning workout (usually pilates!) then I have no makeup on but if it’s after work I might have a bit and just ensure I shower immediately after exercising.

I notice some girls who have a full face of makup with fake eyelashes and thick eyeliner and lipstick and I think it looks really silly! Exercise and makeup don’t mix well in my opinion!"

Angelica from Grazia's beauty team

"I feel a bit naked without something on my face so I'll usually apply a bit of concealer, the Waterproof one by [a href="" target="_blank">Make Up For Ever [/a]is totally sweat proof so doesn't budge when I'm working out! For skincare I like to spritz a refreshing toner like [a href="" target="_blank">The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist[/a] all over my face to cool down."

Amelia from [a href="" target="_blank">Liana Beauty[/a]

"For me, I don't fall into a 'Pro' or 'Con' category; it's all about place and time. I'm mostly all about the sans, as I usually work-out when I'm home. I always wash my face after work-outs, in which case I use [a href="" target="_blank">Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser[/a]. I then apply[a href="" target="_blank"> Ren's T-Zone Balancing Day Fluid[/a], as it is matte and delicate so my skin breathes.

Elise from Grazia's beauty team

"I exercise wearing only concealer and waterproof mascara. Just because I prefer not leave the house without my spots covered!"

Charlie from [a href="" target="_blank">Lady of the Lane[/a]


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