Will You Be Trying The Extreme Rockabilly Quiff Like Nicole Scherzinger And Demi Lovato?

23 July 2012 by

Woah there, what's that on Nicole Scherzinger's head? She showed up for X Factor filming last week with slicked back hair and a very tall, pristine, twisted quiff. She's not alone. Madonna, Tulisa Contostavlos and Demi Lovato have all tried out this futuristic-rockabilly look over recent weeks. Each of them topping off a modern hairstyle with a retro loop called a 'victory roll'.

Rockabilly rolls were popular in the 1940s and 50's. (Think pin-up girls and rock & roll.) Traditionally the looks were a lot softer though. Hair was set in rollers to give it waves and volume and then combed back at the sides before a few victory rolls were created around the front to add height to the hair.

The modern take worn by Tulisa and co. is much more defined. Hair is gelled back or styled into neat curls. Instead of having natural volume, the quiff is smoothed into a sharp, tight loop on the top of the head. Although all the singers chose to wear one single loop, they range in size. Nicole stuck to having one at her hairline, whereas Demi's ran across her head like a mohawk.

Whether big or small, each style definitely made a statement and was clearly a style for the hair-brave. The loops looked pretty easy to do though and we at Grazia Daily like to think of ourselves as very courageous so we decided we had to at least try the look out. I mean, how hard could it be to make it wearable?

Skipping the extreme levels of gel, Grazia's Chiara attempted to recreate Nicole's front roll. After teasing the front section of her hair so that it would hold its shape, it was twisted around to create the volumous loop. She then used a significant number of pins to keep it in place.

The result? Unconvincing.

She said: "The look isn't as easy as it looks to do. You'd need a hell of a lot of hairspray and gel to pull off the fierce style. If you're prepared to go the whole hog this could look amazing, but I'm not sure I'm prepared too!"

Will you be trying out this extreme take on a classic look?


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