Sunday Girl's Boyfriend Does Her Hair! Now He's Done Ours Too. Here's How To Get Her Look

20 July 2012 by

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We LOVED Sunday Girl Jade Williams' hair at the Polo. Her usual beachy locks were styled into pristine retro waves for the event and looked so old-Hollywood glam. We decided we had to ask her how she got the look and were so surprised to find out that her BOYFRIEND had done her hair!

It turns out the singer’s bf is session stylist, [a target="_blank" href="">Leigh Keates[/a] who’s done the hair of Victoria Beckham and worked for Jimmy Choo, D&G and BOY London. He’s been going out with Jade for three and a half years since they met in Hertfordshire, where they both grew up. 

So what hair products would you find in the flat of a front row fash girl and a top stylist? Well, Leigh loves Phillip Kingsley products because they’re fragrance free, prescriptive to each hair type and do what they say they’re going to do. The couple are trying out organic products at the moment though.

Jade said: “We’ve turned in to hippies, buying hair products from a health food shop. We wanted to try more natural products because the silicone in most high street products contain silicone and it’s bad for you hair in the long run.”

Now if we had a hairdresser boyfriend we’d insist he did our hair before we ever left the house. Jade, on the other hand, told us that Leigh only does her hair for her music videos and for events that he’s invited to – like the Polo.

Jade said: “My polo look was one of Leigh’s test runs for retro wave looks. I usually like my hair scruffy, but I thought it should look nicer for the event. I really liked it, it didn’t move all day.”

Most of the time she just styles her hair by spraying Bumble & Bumble surf spray from root to tip then tipping her head over and rough drying.

Jade might not demand constant hairstyling, but the same can’t be said for us. We headed to the Josh Wood Atelier salon in West London to get Leigh to teach us how to get Sunday Girl’s polo look. Click through our gallery to see how it’s done.


Digitial intern, Kate, has naturally wavy hair like Jade. This is how it looks when she gets up late and doesn't have time to brush it before work.

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair with your favourite hydrating shampoo and conditioner to get it ready to blow dry. We're looking for silky waves rather than volumous curls.

Step 2: Rough Dry The Hair

Leigh centre parts Kate's hair and blowdries it until it's almost completely dry.

Step 3: Smooth The Surface Hairs

Rough drying will give your hair body and we don't want to lose that, but we do want to smooth the frizzy pieces around the front.

Point the nozzles of your hair dryer downwards and use a round brush to dry the very top pieces of hair and the sections around your hairline.

Leave the bottom sections alone though!

Step 3: Smooth The Surface Hairs

You'll be left with a super volumous blowdry with a smooth finish. It's ready to curl!

Step 4: Curling

Leigh uses a Cloud 9 conical wand to give a natural finish, but you could use a normal curling iron.

Your section size will depend on your hair texture and how well it holds a curl. (The better it does, the bigger the section.)

Wrap your hair around the wand, twisting the section as you go. Twisting the hair will mean it curls into an S wave rather than a ringlet.

You need to make sure that you curl every piece in the same direction.

Step 4: Curling

Once you've curled each piece, tug it so that it falls into a wave rather than a tight curl.

Once you've finished the whole head, it should look like this.

Step 5: Brush Out The Curls

Spray some hairspray on to a paddle brush and firmly brush every section of your hair until you've brushed the entire head thoroughly.

DON'T BE AFRAID! The curls won't disappear they should just all join together into big waves.


Add a shine spray or serum to make your waves look glossy and an extra spritz of hairspray to hold them.

You should be left with a glossy head of pristine waves like Kate's.


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