Pantene Pro-V Announce Amazing Partnership with UK Charity Cancer Hair Care

17 July 2012 by

Last week we caught up with the lovely hair experts at Pantene to learn about their latest endeavour.  This time it was not a new shampoo, a mask, nor a volumising mousse, but rather a brand new project which proves that there's a very big heart behind all of that swishable hair. 

You may or may not be aware that a whopping 100,000 ladies suffer from cancer-induced hair loss and regrowth every year in the UK.  With this is mind, it is perhap surprising that Cancer Hair Care is the very first UK charity dedicated soley to assisting women suffering hair loss through cancer treatment.   Founder Jasmin Julia Gupta explained to us that most woman have an extraordinary affinity with their hair, with many who are diagnosed with cancer claiming to feel more anxious about hair loss than undergoing treatment.  Hence the definite need for charity Cancer Hair Care, who are there to offer invaluable support and advise at every stage of hair loss and hair growth, be it about the latest way to tie a scarf or how to cut and colour hair that has regrown.  

Pantene Pro-V will not only make an initial charity donation, but are also creating a limited edition pack across its Classic Care range to raise much needed funds.  Available in store from August, the purchase of one pack equates to one 5p donation to the charity - A savvy way of bolstering the charity’s research potential and ability to reach women nationwide.

Pantene Pro-V Ambassador Cat Deeley is set to be the celebrity face of the partnership, helping to spread the word about the support the charity offers, while working with a group of women who have lived with hair loss through cancer. Helping sufferers understand that loosing hair doesn’t mean relinquishing a symbol of their femininity and health, is a hurdle founder of Cancer Hair Care, Jasmin Julia Gupta, also maintains is crucial:

“Within all of our work we have worked really hard to evoke a sense of togetherness. We feel that this means that no woman has to face up to hair loss alone - together we can make hair loss one less worry,” says Jasmin.

The Pantene Pro-V Classic Care range will feature the Cancer Hair Care logo on packs from August. In the meantime girls, watch out for the brand’s free information and resources on the charity’s new and super chic website,, including ‘Talking Heads TV’ - step by step videos – useful guidance sheets and support videos from women who have themselves experienced hair loss through cancer treatment.

Pantene we salute you!


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Natalie Somerville (Tue Jul 17 20:16:50 BST 2012): Hi. My name is Natalie and I am an ambassador of Cancer Hair Care, having been diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer aged 37yrs. I shaved my hair off on my own in my bedroom and it was a lonely experience. Thanks to CHC, other ladies will not need to go through this alone. I am in remission and loving my new short hair but this confidence only comes with time and it is so important that women feel supported during this traumatic time. Thanks to Pantene and this partnership, we can get the awareness out there to all the ladies going through this. Natalie x
Patricia Gaywood (Tue Jul 17 20:23:47 BST 2012): well done NATALIE FOR BEING SO BRAVEXX
Shruti Shah (Tue Jul 17 20:26:00 BST 2012): Xxxxxxx
Kate Peake (Tue Jul 17 20:28:20 BST 2012): XxxxxxxxX
Tina Lodge (Tue Jul 17 20:34:44 BST 2012): You go happy for you!!! good luck xx
Keely Perry Somerville (Tue Jul 17 20:35:14 BST 2012): So Brave...Love u Big Sis.x
Tanya Elsworth (Tue Jul 17 20:40:22 BST 2012): And you do look stunning with short hair. Good on ya xx
Nancy Grey (Tue Jul 17 20:47:09 BST 2012): Well done lovely, love ur short hair too !! Xxx
Brian Somerville (Tue Jul 17 20:51:51 BST 2012): Natalie, my amazing daughter, don't you know your beauty and courage shone thru with or without hair. Mum
Lauren Evans (Tue Jul 17 20:53:14 BST 2012): An absolute inspiration. Love u xx
Lianne Betton (Tue Jul 17 20:54:24 BST 2012): Wow Natalie. I had no idea you had been through this terrible ordeal! A very brave and courageous lady you are. And i think you always look absolutely stunning. An inspiration. Indy must be very proud of her mummy xxx
Cathy Paphitis (Tue Jul 17 20:57:40 BST 2012): Hi Natalie, you have been through so much and yet you are trying to inspire others. You are a very special person. I would love to catch up with you, I haven't seen you in so long. Love Cathy xx
Samantha Spiers Coulson (Tue Jul 17 21:13:15 BST 2012): Thats lovely Natalie gives a lot of other people encouragement well done xxx
Leeanne Parodi (Tue Jul 17 21:21:58 BST 2012): well done honey, really proud of you x
Jane Ewart (Tue Jul 17 21:24:38 BST 2012): WoW what an inspiration Natalie. Would love to catch up, you take care and stay well, always remember the fun times we had!!!!!!! Xxxxx
Sian Cleak (Tue Jul 17 21:35:23 BST 2012): You are an inspiration Natalie , still look gorgeous with your short hair xxxx
Olivia Gillibrand (Tue Jul 17 22:29:23 BST 2012): Inspirational xx
Charlotte Baker (Tue Jul 17 22:49:58 BST 2012): I had no idea either. Its great that through such a traumatic experience, you can inspire & help other people. Life is precious & hearing things like this put day to day worries into perspective xxx
Michelle McNally Wood (Tue Jul 17 22:59:08 BST 2012): You certainly are an inspiration Natalie and you always look absolutely stunning im so proud of you xXx
Mary Anne (Tue Jul 17 23:09:40 BST 2012): Natalie, you're a trail blazer. Truly inspirational. xxx
Julie Maher (Wed Jul 18 05:42:12 BST 2012): short hair..long hair ..UR BEAUTIFUL xxx
Brian Somerville (Wed Jul 18 06:27:21 BST 2012): Stunning love you ,dad
Clare Busby (Wed Jul 18 13:14:51 BST 2012): Inspirational, brave and beautiful! So proud of you!!! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday! X
Hitchin Tilehouse Rotary Club (Wed Jul 25 15:18:05 BST 2012): Thanks to the amazing work by Jasmin, this partnership with Pantene Pro-V will help thousands of ladies. Wouldn't it be great if a lady never, ever again had to shave her hair off alone in her bedroom and watch it fall to the floor. Wouldn't it be great if there was someone there when you have to take that first look in the mirror and a different 'you' looks back? I hope everyone who reads this helps to spread the word and watch out for the great Cancer Hair Care logo on the packs in August. Let's do what we know we can do - buy loads!
Denise Amoss (Wed Jul 25 15:21:47 BST 2012): This is brilliant news - everyone 'like' this and get the news out there - how can you not?! :-)
Denise Amoss (Wed Jul 25 15:31:42 BST 2012): Jasmin is positively an inspiration as are the thousands of ladies that she helps. We can't all be there but we can all care.....just off to see how much space I can clear in my cupboards for all this shampoo ;-).
Ali Akay (Wed Jul 25 22:26:15 BST 2012): This is just incredible! Well done Jasmin
Mike Wells (Wed Jul 25 23:49:28 BST 2012): Julia is an inspiration. I dont think iwill be buying much hair shampoo though. Not much hair to wash. A great way to promote both organisations.
Maggie Dyer (Thu Jul 26 16:05:59 BST 2012): Fantastic news for a fantastic lady. Service above self for sure!
Melanie Suzanne Browne (Sat Jul 28 16:08:09 BST 2012): well done, you are very brave. Go
Donna Smith (Wed Sep 25 11:21:25 BST 2013): Your such a fabulous lady Natalie your a great mum great wife and great friend I'm so blessed to know you your an inspiration xxxx