Inspired By Zooey Deschanel's Hair? Read These Expert Tips Before You Get Fringe'd

17 July 2012 by

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Anyone else suddenly craving a swooshy eye skimming fringe now that New Girl’s back on our telly boxes? Now that we’re getting our weekly Zooey Deschanel fix (yay!), we're seriously tempted to go for the chop. The show is essentially a good half hour of fringe propaganda, right? Oh, how hers frames those big blues so perfectly! And how her lush face curtain manage to make her look both cute AND sexy at the same time? Wonders will never cease.

So we all know that a good fringe can look super hot, but before you find yourself in the hairdresser’s chair, we recommend taking heed from beauty bloggers and hair experts who seriously know their stuff. We've helpfully compiled their tips into one fringe-tastic gallery so put those scissors down and listen up...

"Think about how your hair reacts with water (when I had mine, as soon as it drizzled a little, it went wavy!)"

Jo Bancroft -[a target="_blank" href=""> Your Average Jo[/a]

"Consider getting the ends of the fringe coloured lighter to make the ends softer and less blunt."

Andreas Wild, Senior Stylist at John Frieda

"Don't attempt the 'in-between' fringe cuts at home. Most hairdressers offer these free of charge after your cut and it's lots safer than a DIY me!

Clare from [a target="_blank" href="">Inbetween Days[/a]

"My tip would be check your parting! If you have ANY sort of cow's lick going on STAY AWAY from the scissors."

Mary from [a target="_blank" href="">It's Another Girl's Life [/a]

"Always get your fringe cut longer first to see if you like it. You can always get it cut shorter."

Adam Reed from Percy & Reed

"Think about your face shape and what style you’d like.  Blunt fringes are very sexy and draw attention to your eyes but they require more care and trims in between."

Sheenie from[a target="_blank" href=""> Just Nice Things[/a]

"If you have thin hair then ask your hairdresser to take the fringe further back so you get some more weight into it."

Jill from [a target="_blank" href="">Pout Out Proud[/a]

"The style and cut of the fringe will depend very much on your face shape, your hairline and the thickness of your hair. After assessing these factors your stylist can then advise which type of fringe will or won’t suit you."

Andreas Wild, Senior Stylist at John Frieda

"It's pretty hard to maintain, so unless you're committed, it might be worth getting a 'fake fringe' to attach instead."

Sherin from [a target="_blank" href="">Hi Fashion[/a]

"A fringe may seem like a great idea while you're in the hairdresser's chair, but come Monday morning will you really be in the right frame of mind to style your fringe with precision Jessie J would be envious of? Every single time I've had a fringe cut in it's lasted no longer than a week - I just don't have the patience for maintenance! "

Hayley from [a target="_blank" href="">London Beauty Queen[/a]

"Think about forehead blemishes! Be prepared for any breakouts that may occur with a spot gel as well as helping avoid blemishes by keeping your fringe out your face whenever possible – with a headband!"

Amelia from [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/">Liana Beauty[/a]


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