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13 July 2012 by

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We were mega jealous of Jameela Jamil's [a target="_blank" href="/beauty/archive/2012/07/11/do-you-love-jameela-jamils-smiley-nail-art-as-much-as-us.htm">fun nail art [/a]on Monday, so we got Revlon's Chisato Yamamoto to show us how to do some simple nail art of our own! The 1980's inspired look that she gave us features the graphic powerful shapes of the era and was designed by their nail ambassador, Jenny Longworth. We chose to get it in orange, white and teal for a super retro feel, but mix up the colours for a more modern take.  Click through our gallery to find out how to get the inspired look - it's much easier than you'd imagine!

Step 1: Clean, File, Buff

Chisato cleans the nail with a baby wipe to remove excess oils and help the nail polish to stick better. She files any rough edges  and pushes back the cuticles. Finally she buffs the nails in a downward motion to create a smooth surface to work with

Step 2: Base Coat

Chisato applies a basecoat to smooth out ridges, strengthen nails and help the varnish stick for longer. She used Revlon Post Trauma Treatment.

Step 3: Apply Triangle Colour

We wanted the triangle section of all our nails (except our ring finger) to be white so Chisato painted each  entire nail with two coats of Revlon White on White Nail Enamel.

Step 4: Apply Ring Finger Colour

Chisato painted the ring finger with two coats of a statement colour. We chose Revlon Siren Nail Enamel.

Step 5: Apply The Top Polish Layer

In order to get the triangle shape on  our nails, Chisato started by painting a diagonal line of Revlon Fashionista Nail Enamel across the nail.

Squeeze your fingers together to stabilise your nail surface.

Step 5: Apply The Top Polish Layer

Chisato applied a second diagonal line of colour in the opposite direction....

Step 5: Apply The Top Polish Layer

... before painting two coats of polish in vertical strokes to fill in the nail and make the white triange appear!

Step 6: The Statement Nail!

Chisato starts to draw a curved line around the tip of the statement nail. She uses a fine brush to draw a diagonal line of Fashionista polish from the side of the nail to the central tip..

Step 6: The Statement Nail!

...before doing the same on the other side so that the lines join up!

Step 6: The Statement Nail!

Chisato then draws a thin line of White on White from the bottom left hand side of to the central tip. She uses a fine brush to do so.

Step 7: Tidying Up

Chisato uses a paintbrush dipped in nail varnish remover to clean up any nail polish around the nail.

Step 8: Top Coat

She adds a layer of top coat to protect the design and the look is finished!


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