Slicked Back Roots Are The New Glam Hair Trend, But Where Do Kim Kardashian And Diane Kruger Rank On Our Scale Of Slick?

10 July 2012 by

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It seems like the new glam waves aren't big and bouncy, they're slicked back to the scalp. Diane Kruger is the latest celeb to slick her roots behind her ears. The likes of Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively are fans of the look too, with celeb looks ranging from Croydon face lift to old-Hollywood side parting.

Click through our gallery to see the many degrees of slickeration.

(PS. Miss Kruger is definitely a 55% slicker.)

Blake Lively

Hello old-Hollywood glamour. Blake Lively's brushed out barrel curls are huge, but are balanced by a smooth section of hair tucked behind one ear.

A subtle 20% slick from Blake. Must smooth harder.

Try the look by using a bobby pin to hold a one-inch section of hair behind your ear.

Katy B

Like Blake, Katy B keeps one side of hair smooth and the other wavy. B keeping the the waves more relaxed the look is sleeker.

Katy B get a 30%. Good effort, needs more Brylcream.

Create similar waves by twisting your straighteners away from your head as you run them through your hair.

Kim Kardashian

Kim slicks down the roots of her entire head of silky straight hair. A brave move! The look is kept looking casual with a centre parting, so it looks as though she has just tucked her hair behind her ears incredibly neatly.

This is definitely a 50% slick. A smooth manouvre.

Use a wax spray and a fine toothed comb to create a similar effect yourself.

Kim Kardashian (again)

Woah there. We know double Kim action is a bit intense, but just look at her hair! This time round she has slicked her hair backwards with more of a wet look finish for a uber-glam 70's pool siren vibe.

This has to be a 70% slick, with bonus pool siren points.

Gonna try this? Tease the roots of the top section of your hair before using mousse to slick it down - it will make the look softer.

Katy Perry

We love how, with Katy's hair pulled back so tightly, all the attention is on her face! We also love that the little pouf at the top and the major bun at the back make this hairstyle red carpet ready, rather than Monday morning commute.

85% slick superstar goodness over here.

Run a gloss spray over slicked back hair with your hands - it will give mirror shine and a smooth finish.

Lara Stone

Woah. The slickiest of the slick. Lara Stone rocks the Croydon facelift in a way no mere mortal can - tight at the scalp and super wet-look.

Did we hear you say 100% slick?

Use the wet-look gel, left over from your boyf's high school years, to create this look. You'll need a good pair of cheekbones to pull it off though.


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