Vivianna Does Makeup Says We Should Debunk Our Beauty Bags. So How Big Is Yours?

10 July 2012 by

You may have seen blogger Vivianna Does Makeup ( wrote a post yesterday about slimming down her makeup collection. Grazia Daily dropped her a line today to find out why she keeps hers small.

'When I first began beauty blogging, I dreamed of owning a makeup collection that perhaps needed it's own room in my house!' she told us. 'But over the years I've realised it's much more efficient, and not to mention easier on the wallet, to keep a stash of essentials that work well with my skin tone and type and products that I can always rely on.'

This got Grazia HQ thinking about the size of ours - because they're pretty big! One of our interns has admitted to owning more than SEVEN foundations. We took to Twitter to ask you guys how big yours are and it seems we aren't the only hoarders in town...

How Big Is Your Makeup Collection?

We asked our Twitter followers how big their makeup collection is. Here's what they've been saying:

Storified by Grazia_Live · Tue, Jul 10 2012 10:31:03

@Grazia_Live @viviannamakeup 2 full makeup bags, but also have a drawer full!!Donna Burke
@Grazia_Live very small I think. I've only got one face so I try and use up producta before buying more :)Naghmeh
@Grazia_Live @viviannamakeup BIGLois Hamilton
@Grazia_Live Mine isn't too big. I have about 5 things in my make-up bag, lol.Modernistic Mama
@Grazia_Live: We want to know how big your makeup collection is. How big is too big? Over a hundred bits of make up - is that too big?Hema Patel
@Grazia_Live it's never too big!! Colombo
@Grazia_Live keep it simple always the way! #wellattempt ;)Hannah Terrill
"@Grazia_Live: How big is your makeup collection? Tweet us a pic and you could be on Grazia Daily!" Mine is obscene! -NTIllamasqua
@Grazia_Live here you go! 50 plus pieces of make-up!αяαн Jσиєѕ
@Grazia_Live just a snippet!
@Grazia_Live after a massive clear out and I've since added to it again from 2 months ago C
@Illamasqua @grazia_live - my make up collection, packed & categorised � Maillefert
@Grazia_Live very messy and this isn't even half :/ †
@Grazia_Live lashes and brushes not included Xx Van Cartier
@Grazia_Live my everyday makeup :) Koucha
@Grazia_Live I have a separate make-up bag just for lipsticks and lipgloss. Is that too much?Debbie Miller


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