Would You Change Your Hair For Your Man Like Kim Kardashian and Mary Kate Olsen?

05 July 2012 by

Earlier this week, we noted that Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe has become MUCH more monochrome-tastic since dating Kanye West. Not only that, but Kimmy's beauty look has also transformed dramatically since becoming one half of the couple now known as Kimye. She’s swapped those ginormous glossy extensions for sleek, sophisticated styles and has ditched the flashy red lipstick and lashings of black eyeliner + eyelashes for a toned down - dare we say it - more natural look. GASP. This has got Grazia Daily to thinking about other starlets who’ve changed their hair when they’ve changed their man. Most recently, we've seen Mary Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes change their looks, but is it in correlation with their relationship status? Take a trip through the gallery and cast your verdict.

UPDATE: Let’s be honest, these beautiful women look gorgeous no matter their hairstyle – but we took to the streets to ask the real people which look they preferred: pre or post-relationship. Plus: would they follow suit and change their look for their love interest too? 

"Kim Kardashian's hairstyle from before Kanye suits her better, but the second style's more natural and natural's always better. I haven't ever changed my hair to suit a boyfriend's tastes, but I wouldn't cut my hair because I know my husband would hate it."

Charlotte Scott, 29

"Katie Holmes looks perfect in the photo from when she was dating Tom Cruise, but unnaturally perfect. I like natural beauty and she looks natural, less styled and more beautiful before they were going out."

Janko Stano, 27

"Sienna Miller looks more groomed before she was going out with Tom Sturridge. Everyone looks better with a bit of makeup. I think everyone changes their look for their partner to a certain extent. I make more effort to look more groomed."

Rachel Bell, 26

"Mary Kate Olsen's dark hair is better, she looks more sophisticated."

Julian Smith, 27

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