Katy Perry Goes Without Make-Up for her New Film 'Part of Me'

07 June 2012 by

Katy Perry is no stranger to the barefaced beauty debate – After all, who could forget the occasion that her ex-husband Russell Brand so famously tweeted that erm, somewhat unflattering picture of the singer half-asleep in the middle of the night?  Needless to say that Miss Perry was livid and the picture disappeared from twitter only hours later…

Now however, Katy is showing that she has few qualms about people seeing her in an unmade state, when she is calling the shots and completely awake of course!  In her upcoming 3D film documentary Part of Me, a realistic account of her life which is rumoured to briefly document her brief marriage to Brand, Katy steps out without makeup on more than one occasion, showing that appearing on-screen without makeup is a key part of revealing her 'true self.'

‘I took my makeup off! Oh, everyone is screaming around the world, 'The horror,’ she has commented.  But the singer isn’t afraid to let people see the 'real her.'  ‘Look, I don't always want to look bloated with zits, but it's real, it's human, right? We're not always so pretty, and sometimes that can bring people together.’  A clever move on the part of the singer perhaps, when you bear in mind that awkward, embarrassing situations often create a vulnerability which makes an individual appear more endearing and appealing!

'When you see the film, it’s a bit scary because there’s a lot of shots of me bloated with zits and normal,' says Katy, 'I think it’s important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dream you always have to be perfect or flawless or live in some kind of fantasy world which is why I decided to put everything into the film.'

What do you think about Katy going without makeup and would you give it a go? Check out our gallery of other celebs who have been snapped without their slap too!



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