Lady Gaga Arrives In Japan With Rainbow Hair: My Little Pony Tail, Anyone?

09 May 2012 by

So we are all too aware that we are constantly harping on about the pastel hair trend, but from where we're sitting, it seems like the whole of celebsville are competing in the colorful hair dye stakes. 

Only yesterday we were discussing this weekend’s new additions to the colour pop squad in the form of singer Nicola Roberts and model Coco Rocha. Cut to this morning and their efforts have been well and trully outdone – by none other that Lady Gaga, natch.

Proving that she is well and truly the queen of the beauty gimick, the chanteuse rocked up to Tokyo Airport yesterday for the Japan leg of her Born This Way Ball world tour sporting a thigh-length rainbow ponytail! Yes, really. Bursting with yellow, orange, pink, purple and green hues, it made Gabriella Ellis of Made in Cheslea’s recent rainbow DIY job look severely amateur. The songstress teamed the look with a look from Versace's Autumn Winter 2012 catwalk consisting of a black leather trench covered entirely in Swarovski crystals. Ooh-ee.

Needless to say, the hundreds of uber-trendy Japanese fans who had been waiting at Narita International Airport went wild for the showy combo. After leaving the airport, Gagaloo tweeted: “Thank u for the sweet welcome Tokyo -Your spirit is a rainbow like my hair."  All of this leaves us unsuprised at the news that a blue and white tea-cup which the style power house once used was auctioned off for $75,000 in Japan over the weekend, with the money going to a foundation that helps local artists who were affected by the devastating tsunami last year. Genius!


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Isabelle Martin (Wed May 09 17:03:36 BST 2012): Ridiculous, but who would expect anything else. At least she can take off the wig at the end of the day & it isn't permanent! Also ridiculous s&m shoes.
Luisa Basaldua (Thu May 10 01:38:56 BST 2012): "I'm as free as my hair!"
Mairead Deirdre (Thu May 10 21:53:58 BST 2012): It looks way too familiar, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Elo Di Donna (Thu May 10 23:28:21 BST 2012): Beautiful Versace outfit + beautiful wig ^^.
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