Introducing The Goodsmellas: Male Fragrance Fanatics!

19 April 2012 by

Let’s face it: beauty is not easy territory for gentlemen. While many of us prefer it when our fellas honk of carbolic soap and testosterone, turns out man-ity (that’s man vanity, reader) is fast becoming an everyday part of the male grooming routine.
So when we chanced across a group of serious perfume-collectors who turn out to be, erm, men, were we surprised? Not a jot.
The Goodsmellas, as they’ve affectionately named, are a group of New York men who post online perfume reviews and make short but  insightful Youtube videos about their favourite scents.
Before you judge them, you should probably know that these aren’t Patrick Bateman types with a penchant for skin peels, rather they’re working men primarily from the public sector.
Several work for the government, others are anonymous members of the NYPD while Mike Devine, proud owner of over 200 fragrances, is a fireman, something which proved pivotal in his new-found love of male scents. As he told Racked website, it was only after working as a first responder on 9/11 that he got into perfume: "We dealt with terrible smells down there, and something in the air caused me to lose my sense of smell for about two years…when it came back, I became so appreciative that I just wanted to smell good things."
It seems odd, sad even, that they’re restricted to waxing lyrical about perfume online. But don’t pity them – for many of them, home is the only place they can wear a scen, as one Goodsmella confided: "If you're in uniform, wearing a bulletproof vest and the gear, you can get really hot. I've learned the hard way that you really need to wear something light. Otherwise I'll choke myself out, standing on a parade route baking in the sun in something heavy."
Men: you think you know them. And then they do this.



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