Inside A Tracy Anderson Training Session: We Work Out With Madonna & Gwyneth Paltrow's Fitness Trainer!

17 April 2012 by


Grazia's Liz with Fitness guru Tracey Anderson

First Madonna, then Gwyneth  and  now Cheryl Cole (as we reported just last week). Yep, it seems like everyone who is anyone turns to Tracy Anderson when a serious body upgrade is in order. And Yes, we've seen the bodies, we've gawped at the killer butt and lithe limbs but really, how hard do these perfect celebs have to work to tighten up their already A-list bodies?

Well, for anyone who has ever scoffed at how hard the likes of Gwyneth work to get those slinky stomachs prepare to eat your words. As I'm out here in LA shooting our gorgeous body special with Victoria's Secret model Jessica clarke I decided to see what all the fuss about.

Can Tracy and her technique work for me and really, how hard is it? As the woman herself is about four weeks away from giving birth she sits in on the work out which her incredibly toned number two leads.  Ok first up, as you can see from the video clips it's a) very hard and b) very complicated. Imagine performing a dance routine in a sauna using hardcore resistance bands and you're half way there.

I start with a hardcore mat workout concentrating on thighs and butt. The reps are tough - we're talking 50 of each move and they burn like crazy. Already dripping with sweat and on my last legs we then stand up and grab hold of two long bands trussed up to the celing (this is the system Gwyneth has installed at her home BTW) we then bounce, dance and jog using the bands to tone our arms and keep us balanced. This is my favourite bit and according to Tracy a key part of her metamorphasis system. We finish with a dance routine to a great Rihanna/Katy Perry mix, incorporating lots of twists, jumps and arm moves - not easy with no energy and very tricky to pick up!  

At the end of the work out I can barely stand and I'm literally the colour of ketchup. Seriously, how do Gwyneth and JLO do this six times a week! 'Gwyneth sweats her butt off to get her body,' Tracy tells me, ' she has done this intensity of work out six days a week for six years - that's the level of commitment it takes to change your body. It's important people realise this and know that these girls are working hard to look the way they do.' Having only done one session and despite my aching body (the next day every tiny muscle is sore- proof that her technique targets even the smallest of muscles) I'm dying to do it all over again. Will she ever open up a space in London?  'I already have five trainers in London working with my clients but I'd love to open something big with Gwyneth. We may take a temporary space to offer classes but watch this space for more news,' says Tracy. 


By Liz Hambleton


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