We ? Jessica's DIY Gel Nail Removal Kit!

13 April 2012 by

Of course, like us, you've fallen for the bliss that is the gel manicure. (It lasts for two to four weeks! Even with our speed-texting habits!)

And of course, like us, you've also cursed it's staying power, once those still-perfect nails start to grow out and show a little too much cuticle at the base (grrrr!). Because then, you have to make another appointment at the salon before you can get them removed.

Well, great news, gel gals: Jessica, the nail care specialists, have developed a handy at-home removal kit for gel manicures, (including its own brilliant GELeration manicure - they have the biggest range of gel polish shades, dontchaknow). Okay, so the removal process is a teensy bit fiddly, involving sitting for 15 minutes with cotton wool soaked in the Erase Soak Off Remover on each nail with your fingertips covered in foil. BUT it's tres simple once you get the hang of it, and WAY more convenient than trying to schedule yet another salon appointment.

And because Jessica is all about caring for your nails you can have complete confidence that its at-home removal treatment will keep your precious talons in tip top condition (unlike resorting to laboriously picking off the polish which, like us, you definitely won't have attempted, ever.)

The handy kit is £13.50 and lasts for around three manicure removals...Buy it online here




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