Health Pick: The Organic Pharmacy Immune Tonic

09 March 2012 by

Today sore throats, headaches and blocked noses have firmly installed themselves at Grazia HQ, leaving two particular members of the beauty team feeling less than 100% - Not ideal when there’s a weekend booked full to bursting with parties, fun plans and more importantly a long awaited skiing trip. Sigh…Needless to say that the good old beauty cupboard came up trumps this morning, when a speedy rummage produced The Organic Pharmacies’ brand new Immune Tonic, £11.50.  This secret herbal blend contains plantain, thyme, elderberry and cats claw (the plant NOT the claw of a super cute tabby just f.y.i), among many other sustaining and invigorating plants guaranteed to boost the immune system and fight infection. We must warn you that while we are told by a very reliable source that this one is a miracle in a bottle, it does taste rather green and erm, healthy so we would recommend putting your 10 drops in a small quantity of water and taking it like a shot! The only question is who will get to take our single bottle home?


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