Grazia Daily Catch Up with Bobbi Brown at Our Exclusive Shoot in New York

06 March 2012 by

Last week two members of Grazia Team Beauty travelled to New York to do an exclusive beauty shoot with none other than, wait for it, Bobbi Brown. Eeek! Obviously this was a prospect beyond exciting for beauty aficionados like us.  Plus, we rarely need an excuse to hop across the pond to the Big Apple. And, we can confirm that the make up maestro herself was just as wonderful as we imagined, even going as far as to leave a handwritten note and bags of treats (heaps of Bobbi Brown makeup, Green & Blacks chocolate, Dean & Deluca almonds, J Crew necklace) on our hotel beds when we arrived in New York.  Amazing right?

In between getting all of the shots on the amazing shoot, we grabbed Bobbi to chat about important things like Jay-Z, Jamie Oliver and er, Union Jacks. The pleasure's all ours...

Grazia Beauty: So Bobbi, you've just come back from a skiing holiday haven't you?

Bobbi Brown: I have! I went last week to my house in Telluride (that's in Colorado FYI), with my sons and two foreign exchange students that live with us, my nephews, just loads of family. It was amazing.

GB: Wow, that's sounds fun! So you are a big skier?

BB: Yeah we all love skiing, I actually like watching movies a lot too and normally I leave the last two days of the holiday to just watch movies all day long but this time I took the first two days off and watched a heap of movies to just zone out and relax.

GB: Any good movies to recommend?

BB: Oh my favourite was the new Bill Cunningham New York documentary, that was great, I really loved that. I also watched a Bob Dylan one that was awesome too.

GB: Sounds heavenly! You are looking very tanned and glowing from it, do you wear an SPF?

BB: I do wear an SPF but I love the sun. There's nothing that feels better than laying in a chair in the sunshine. But I make sure I wear a good SPF on my face of course.

GB: Us too! And Bobbi tell us more about your amazing blog, we're big fans...

BB: Well the blog is just a great way for me to put up some ideas and thoughts. I've been a frustrated magazine editor for years now so with my blog I get to write loads. I am so visual so I love putting pictures up and all my thoughts and inspirations.

GB: And you're a big exercise fan aren't you?

BB: Well I still spin loads. I have my spin studio in Montclair where I live so I go there twice I week. I used to go four times a week but my thighs got too bulked up so I do it twice a week now and then I also love walking and doing yoga.

GB: And you're a bit of a hip-hop fan aren’t you?

BB: Yes! I love Jay-Z, Flo Rida, Kanye. I actually went to see Jay Z perform at the Carnegie Hall. My husband got tickets, it was insane, the best fun ever.

GB: Wow! We are a tad envious of that Bobbi. And we have heard a rumour that dogs are allowed into the Bobbi Brown offices. Is this true?

BB: Yep dogs are allowed into our offices, we love dogs. You know you spend more of your life in the office than at home so it might as well be good. We actually have half days on Fridays during the summer too and kids sometimes come in.

GB: We dream of having an office dog! One day. What is your current obsession then?

BB: Right now? I am obsessed with the Union Jack. I just love it. I have it as my phone cover, my suitcase is a Union Jack, I even got this amazing scarf in Liberty's that's got it on. I had my eye on a Vivienne Westwood Union Jack rug but then I thought if I got bored of it I would be stuck with a huge rug so I decided not to buy it.

GB: Good choice! We love it too.

BB: I also love Nigella Lawson. I'd love to have a meal cooked by her. But I have all Jamie Oliver's books, he is a great British chef too.

GB: He is indeed.

And off she dashed to apply another slick of this and brush of that (Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua 2 and Treatment Lip Sine SPF15 in Peach Sorbet in case you ask). Dressed in a bright purple blouse teamed with black skinnies and Prada shoes, Bobbi was a tad smaller than we had expected but made up for it with her enthusiasm and energy. Yes, she might be rather obsessed with our flag but we think we might be a little bit obsessed with her.


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