St Tropez at the Oscar Awards 2012: All The Tanning Gossip!

27 February 2012

penelope cruz oscar awards 2012.jpg

Jessica Chastain told Grazia Daily she spends over two hours getting ready, Michelle Williams' stunning Louis Vuitton gown took 300 hours to make and Viola Davis perfected her cropped 'do in order to ditch her usual wig. Oh yes, pampering and preening for your Oscars appearance is no mean feat. So praise be for the glam squad who busy away behind the scenes to turn our favourite stars into full-on glamazons. Step forward Fiona Locke, St.Tropez's Skin Finishing Expert, who was on hand at yesterday's ceremony to tan up the VIPs attendees. She worked with the likes of Penelope Cruz and Emma Stone, who both wore Rose Skin Illuminator for the perfect skin finish. We grilled Fiona on all the tanning goss...

Grazia Daily: How many stars did you tan?

Fiona Locke: It’s so manic around the Oscars and there's a constant stream of VIPs needing tanning. The most I’ve ever tanned in one day is 27 people!

Grazia Daily: What is the most popular tan trend this season?

Fiona Locke: This season is all about the drama and stepping out of your comfort zone. I have been using the St. Tropez dark mist solution a lot this award season to get skin oozing with Mediterranean glamour and looking incredible against the paler hued gowns that we’ve seen on the red carpet.

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Grazia Daily: Does the dress affect the tanning?

Fiona Locke: Yes, absolutely. Usually, step one is to meet with the client to decide the depth of colour they are looking to achieve.  If there is more or less skin showing, we decide to add more or less contouring.  I tend to go more subtle with a light colored dress.

Grazia Daily: How do you prevent the tan from rubbing off on dresses?

Fiona Locke: Ideally I like to tan clients 2-3 days prior to the actual event day, so that they can shower properly and allow the tanning solution to set.

Grazia Daily: What issues did you have on the day?

Fiona Locke: The only issue I encountered was when a client had previously used a bad tanning product incorrectly themselves, and I had to correct their streaky and uneven mistakes. 

Grazia Daily: How were the attendees before the ceremony? 

Fiona Locke: Everyone is always looking forward to the event but they’re usually pretty exhausted from all their other preparations. So much effort goes into choosing gowns, shoes, hair, makeup and jewelry so it’s great to be able to give people a layer of confidence with a skin finishing treatment.

Grazia Daily: How did you use different products to achieve different looks?

Fiona Locke: St. Tropez is all about creating bespoke treatments for the client so depending on the skin type of the client I am working with, different products will be used to achieve a golden glow.  Application with the bronzing mousse adjusts naturally to the skin tone of the client, so it has great control to achieve contrast and contour.  For a deeper darker tone I prefer to use the St. Tropez bronzing lotion as it provides a more intense final tan appearance.  Our skin illuminators are fabulous for accenting various areas of the face and body, for instance the: cheek bone, brow bone, lip, collar bone, shoulders and shins.

Grazia Daily: Who is the nicest star you've ever tanned?

Fiona Locke: Farrah Fawcett was my personal favorite.  She was always lovely.

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Grazia Daily: How are the tans for Oscar night different from the standard tans you do?

Fiona Locke: The Oscars are an elegant event, so people want their tan to be subtle and natural with an emphasis on a radiant glow. 

Grazia Daily: Which star wanted to be the most tanned?

Fiona Locke: Eva Longoria always wants a deep dark bronzed glow.  Also, singer Brandy loves the color to be super dark, because it helps her glow and evens out her skin tone.


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