20 January 2012

Treatment Pick: Cure Your Hangover With a Drip & Chill

Whilst some of you lot might be doing your January detox and abstaining from all things naughty, we can't say we've been doing the same. With launches, suppers out and drinks parties a plenty, January appears to be the new December. So, trying desperately to dodge the common cold and any of those nasty New Year lurgies, we called upon the heroes at the EF Medispa to get us in top top condition before Fashion Week (or Month in our case) commences. Let's hear it for the Drip & Chill...

Treatment Pick: Cure Your Hangover With a Drip & Chill

What exactly is Drip and Chill? Well it does what it says on the tin really – they hook you up to a drip and you just chill for half an hour. It’s not for the faint-hearted though; to begin with a needle is inserted into your upper arm and you are connected to the intravenous drip. Then the concoction of vitamins trickles into you very gradually – for us this included lots of magnesium and iron, zinc to keep colds at bay and B vitamins for general good health. Esther Fieldgrass, owner of the EF Medispa and genius on all things health and beauty, talked us through the treatment and promised good results. “I have been having vitamin infusions for several years, since I realised that this was the most efficient way to supplement the body’s deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.” Not only does the treatment help with low energy, stress, weight issues and all those other niggling ailments, but it’s a winner at this time of year when viruses seem to be spreading like wildfire.

Treatment Pick: Cure Your Hangover With a Drip & Chill

Strangely we experienced a weird taste in our mouth which the therapist explained was the vitamin C entering the blood stream. And the area around where the drip was inserted became quite red from the Vitamin C being in contact with the skin, but this disappeared post-treatment. Apart from that, it was, well, really rather nice and we can see this becoming our speed-dial hangover cure. Our feet were even given a mini dose of reflexology (you can always rely on these guys to go the extra mile) to pass the time and before we knew it, we were right as rain. 24 hours later and we are feeling full of energy and clear-headed, and strangely our vision seems to be brighter. Let the partying begin…

Drip & Chill at the EF Medispa, £225 www.efmedispa.com

by Angelica Hermon


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Linda Unwin (Tue Jan 24 00:25:45 GMT 2012): Its a fabulous treatment and our clients who have tried it just keep coming back for more because they feel so much better they have more energy also they get over that lethargy and cold symptoms also nails skin and hair improve so much is packed into this treatment I would definitely recommend it so I look forward to seeing you soon with best wishes linda unwin lead clinic nurse at ef medispa.
Lauren Phelan (Tue Jan 31 11:00:22 GMT 2012): £225 for a hangover cure? I think I'll stick to water and a good breakfast thank you very much!
Loulou Androlia (Sun Feb 19 21:22:06 GMT 2012): I used to have to have these (or something very similar - a Myers cocktail) weekly as part of a treatment for a serious condition, where amongst other things I was barely able to walk, in continuous agony and had severe mineral & vitamin deficiency. It is so disappointing to see this being billed as a hangover cure.
Mel Morris (Thu Jul 19 18:03:46 BST 2012): Dear Sarah Hamburg and other sceptics, first off to get re-hydration therapies through a&e is nigh on impossible, I'm severely dehydrated due to a medical condition and ive not eaten anything for almost 2 weeks, I throw up if I have sips of water and I'm passing a teaspoon of water every 8 hours but guess what I don't meet the criteria for iv treatment, so for some of us EF Medispa is like a sign from God and even though my husband and I have lost an extreme amount of money (both self employed) through time off work from being bed bound coupled with the enormous amount of visits to A&E and GP's we wold be willing to spend that kind of money because it is life saving and a common sense approach to individual patient requirements. Not everyone who considers this is doing it for vanity, although ive lost over a stone in weight its about life saving when the NHS refuses to see sense.
Ahmed Al-Qadeeb (Sat Aug 04 14:43:10 BST 2012): Can guys go there?
Linda Unwin (Fri Sep 07 23:58:18 BST 2012): most definitely we have a lot of businessmen who come into the clinic to have this treatment so come along and see you soon
Linda Unwin (Sat Sep 08 00:16:03 BST 2012): this is where i believe you are are wrong and possibly the media has hyped this treatment to being a hang over cure of course it helps for hangovers because it does rehydrate but the function of the drip and chill at medispa is to promote a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients so for example if you cant shake off that cold or are just feeling run down or you have had surgery this is a pick me up solution packed full of vitamins tailor made especially just for you each client has a unique blend of vitamins according to their medical history and because the vitamins are intravenous the patient will feel an instant effect and as recommended over a course of treatments will begin to feel the benefits
Linda Unwin (Sat Sep 08 00:18:01 BST 2012): i could not agree with you more i am so pleased that you have seen the benefits for yourself
Linda Unwin (Sat Sep 08 00:21:27 BST 2012): I agree it somehow makes this treatment look like just a hangover quick fix but I am glad that you have reaped the benefits from it I hope that you are well and that the infusion has made you feel better
Jojo Milstein (Thu May 30 21:12:03 BST 2013): I have severe malabsorption and pernicious anaemia, I am coming to have this treatment done as my body is LOW in vitamins/minerals as I don't absorb them enough through diet or supplements (I take supplements daily), my only 'gripe' is that it is SO expensive, ideally I'd need to do this once a month but at £225 I will not be able to afford it any more than once every 4 months sadly and for my health I really do need it monthly I think :(