Bodycare Pick: Lavender Essential Oil

09 November 2011

Lavander bag

If you like us nurture a penchant for all things cashmere, cotton and generally fabulous, there’s a strong likelihood that you too have been waging war against fashion’s most evil enemy. And no it’s not Jodie Marsh.  In fact, we’re talking about the Common Clothes Moth or Tineola Bisselliella for all you Latin scholars out there.  Argh! Just thinking about the dastardy rotters makes us start fuming at the ears and ranting about that jumper, that t-shirt and that blanket all nibbled to beyond repair by those horrible teeny tiny moth teeth. Or whatever it is they have.
Now, we’re not sure if there’s currently some form of UK-wide moth plague right now, but we do feel like everyone’s been ranting about their moth problems recently. We for one have been spending more time than ever hopping around our flats effing and blinding and swiping at the little cretins..
After trialling and testing every possible solution out there; think toxic cans of moth spray, stinky mothballs and all sorts of weird traps, one last-ditch attempt at internet research revealed that moths HATE the smell of Lavender. Music to our ears! So this weekend, while on a flying trip to Hampshire, we popped into our favorite lavender farm situated in the beautiful village of Alresford.  With a whopping 2 acres of Lavender fields they know absolutely everything there is to know about the stuff and even have their own range of the most stylishly packaged beauty products out there.

This visit however, we loaded up on their fabulous selection of their brilliant lavender bags and sacks which we have stuffed into every crevace in our drawers and wardrobes.  They also recommended that we top up the bags with a few drops of their lavender essential oil to boost their moth-scaring powers.  What are you waiting for people? It’s going to change your life. Check out their uber cute website

Long Barn Dried Lavender Sack, £6.50
Dried Lavender Cotton Hearts, £24 for set of 3
Lavender Mini Sachets, £5 for  set of 5

- Rose Beer


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