Hair Pick: Best Bouncy Shampoo from Aussie

07 November 2011

We’ve been massive fans of Aussie Hair care for quite literally years now.  Whatever shampoos and conditioners we try, and trust as there are a fair few, there’s nothing quite like that Aussie lather, (so satisfyingly big and fluffy), that Aussie smell (kind of like sweeties but in a good way) and those shiny, bouncy Aussie locks achieved after even the roughest blow dry.  Yup, it’s definitely up there with the 5 shampoos and conditioners that we use on a strictly rotational basis in our bathroom at home.    

With this in mind you can imagine our excitement when a teatime meeting last week revealed that from this month onwards the brand will be rolling out absolutely enormous half litre bottles of their shampoos and 400ml bottle of those famous conditioners.  Eeep! What absolutely blooming fantastic news, especially bearing in mind that we’re not the only ones in our household with an Aussie penchant – (yes that’s you we’re talking about Mr-Grazia-Beauty-Boyfriend, we recognised that Aussie scent a mile off - you haven’t fooled us in the slightest!).

But there’s more, because, those clever Australian scientist types have also topped up the new bottles with a hefty dose of Aloe Vera, a plant well known for its unrivalled moisturising, healing, smoothing and refreshing properties, not to forget the inspiration behind all sorts of ludicrous and lame “Aloe Aloe” jokes this morning too.  Let’s just dismiss it as Monday madness.

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and Conditioner,  £5.99 each for 500ml and 400ml respectively

- Rose Beer


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