We Talk Beauty with Gail Elliott, Yasmin Le Bon & Clara Paget!

11 October 2011

Gail Elliott and Yasmin Le Bon Jurlique and Agua Spa luncheon, Sanderson Hotel

A typical lunchtime here at Grazia Daily involves gobbling up a M&S sandwich at our desks but not today! Today, we were sipping on champagne and nibbling scrumptious canapes to celebrate the launch of Jurlique's new treatments into agua spa at at the Sanderson Hotel. Yes, it was a very swanky luncheon hosted by Gail Elliot and we were suitably pampered, thankyouverymuch.

Amongst the pampering and champagne quoiffing, we spotted Made in Chelsea's Amber, super-hot model Clara Paget and the impossibly gorgeous Yasmin Le Bon who spent the afternoon giggling with her BFF Gail [above]. So, of course, we jumped at the chance to grill the lovely ladies on their top beauty tips. Listen and learn...

Yasmin Le Bon

yasmin le bon leopard print little joe

You look gorgeous as always! Where's your dress from?

It's from my friend Gail's Little Joe line.

Please let us in your secret to looking so good.

That’s simple, it’s just DNA. You take care of yourself, you try as hard as you can to do the right things but the most important thing is to enjoy your life. I know that’s an old cliché but it does make a difference. How you feel inside kicks off the hormones that make your skin look good.

If only it was so simple! We are also seriously jealous of your hair. How do you maintain it?

I don’t do anything to it – I leave it to try naturally because I’m hopeless with a hairdryer. After all these years of working with hairdressers, you’d think I know how to my hair but I haven’t got a clue! To be honest, I can’t wait to screw it up into a bun because I’m not used to wearing it down.

What beauty tips have you passed onto your daughters?

I moan at them to take their make-up off at night. I’m always religious about that and I’m horrified when the younger generation fall into bed fully made-up. No matter how wasted you are, it’s gotta come off!

What’s the most important part of your beauty regime?

My new secret – well, it’s not a secret because everyone does it bar me! – is cleansing the skin thoroughly. When I worked every day as a model and wore tons of make-up, I always cleansed my skin but it’s much harder to remember to do it now that I don’t wear make-up everyday. But it’s really important to have a good scrub so your moisturiser works twice as hard. I’ve only just learnt that trick!

What one beauty product can you not live without?

I’ve always believed in mixing things up so I like to have three different products on the go. I like oils that soak into my face and Rodial have a nice face wash, and believe it or not, Avon have a really great scrub.

Is there one beauty trend you’ve tried and regretted?

Life’s too short to have regrets. Ask yourself if you were having fun at the time because if you were, that was not a mistake. In fact, I’m very happy to have tried different looks, it shows that I’ve lived a good life.

We loved your daughter Amber's pink dip-dye

Wasn’t it cute? I want her to go violet next! My daughters have been doing all the things I’ve wanted to but I am a bit possessive about their hair so when they mention cutting it, I start crying. Pathetic, I know!

Clara Paget

Clara Paget Jurlique and Agua Spa luncheon, Sanderson Hotel

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

I love having a facial but you have to be free afterwards – you can’t go back to your normal job and just cover yourself up with make-up!

What’s your current beauty obsession?

Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer and Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm.

How do you keep your hair so long and lusicious?

I just leave it to dry naturally and give it a scrunch with salt water. It’s like a jumper on my head during the summer so it gets very hot and heavy. But I don’t like wearing it up because it gives me a headache.

Do you use conditioning masks to keep it silky?

Yes, I’ve been using Wella Professionals' Enrich Self Warming Treatment and Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. It’s simple, cheap and actually works!

What’s your beauty regime when you’re not working?

I wear minimal make-up so I focus on products that will make my skin look and feel good. Other than that, I wear tinted moisturiser and a bit of mascara, or I tint my eyelashes, and I love highlighter for a natural glow.

Amber Atherton

amber atherton Jurlique and Agua Spa luncheon, Sanderson Hotel

What are you wearing?

An amazing vintage Valentino find from Notting Hill, a top from a random shop in New York, Topshop flared trousers and Dune shoes that are really comfy. The jewellery is from Vera Meat at My Flash Trash and the necklace is also from My Flash Trash - it's by Caipora, which is an ethical Brazlian brand.

Click play on the video below for more Amber...

Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Florence Brudenell-Bruce Jurlique and Agua Spa luncheon, Sanderson Hotel

What is your can’t-live-without beauty product?

Dr Frances Prenna Jones does this amazing treatment called Formula 2006 and that is my ultimate savior.

As for a beauty classic that you always turn back to?

Clinique’s Tinted Moisturiser.

How do you maintain your long locks?

I’m similar to Clara in that I usually leave my hair to dry naturally and just brush it straight. The only time my hair is blow-dried is when I'm working but other than that, I prefer to keep it natural.

Are there any beauty icons who inspire you?

I love Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot. I spend a lot of time in the South of France so I like that vibe.

So do you enjoy giving dramatic smokey eyes a try a la Bardot?

I’m not a big make-up girl – less is always more – but I do love mascara. I tried fake lashes recently and when I woke up, they were stuck all over my face so I won’t be doing that again. A friend of mine cut her eyelashes and they grew back twice as long but I wouldn’t recommend trying that at home!

And your nails?

I go to Neville Hairdressers on Pont Street for a manicure and my favourite colour is mushroom brown. Essie do a great polish called Mink Muffs.

Gail Elliott

gail elliott little joe

What’s your top beauty tip?

In the last three days, I’ve slapped on half a bottle of Jurlique’s Recovery Gel – it’s amazing! It’s a really light gel that doesn’t give you spots but lifts and tightens the skin and smells great too!

What one make-up product can you not live without?

I always wear mascara. Even if you don’t have time for anything else, mascara opens up your eyes and makes you feel awake. Also Jurlique do a great rose lipbalm which gives a nice shine.

It’s great to see Yasmin in one of your designs - you must have so many memories from your years of modelling together?

We’ve known each other for longer than her and Simon have been married so it must be over twenty five years. She visited me in Sydney in May and she walked in my Little Joe show during Australian Fashion Week. Everytime I see her, we have an amazing time.

Speaking of which, let's get back to that champagne...


- Jessica Vince


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