FINAL BLOG: Topshop's Make Up Artist Guest Blogs For Grazia Daily!

26 August 2011

Backstage hero and Topshop make up artist, Hannah Murray has always been a favourite amongst the Grazia Team Beauty gals. Not only has she created some of the hottest looks on our beauty shoots, but she always delivers wise words at Fashion Week, which we, of course, report straight back to you. And now, on a much deserved break to Thailand, Hannah has been blogging especially for Grazia Daily (and making us ultra-envious while she's at it). So now it's over to Hannah for her final installment...

For my penultimate day in paradise, I went all out! The Taoist Abdominal Massage was not the most pleasant of treatments (akin to kneeding
bread!) but I feel much better for it. The Thais believe that it is the second brain of the body where we store emotional and psychological tension and stress, so this massage balances the nervous system as well as releasing stress and encouraging healing. Makes sense. Didnʼt realise how knotted my stomach was. It feels calmer and much flatter now. Result! Wonder if itʼs something one can self administer before important occasions? No need for Spanx now, girls!

Then it was a 2-hour session with Renee Blanchardt, the Resident Homeopath. Iʼve tried pretty much every Therapy/Treatment going over the past few years, firstly to overcome M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in 2005 and then a car accident 3 years ago, but Homeopathy is a new approach for me. Based on the principle ʻLet Like be cured with Likeʼ, a single dose of high potency homeopathic medicine is given which acts as a catalyst and allows the body to overcome something that it was not capable of completing or resolving at the time. After we went through my Medical History and Emotional wellbeing she had a very clear picture of my constitution and the traumas/symptoms that needed treating, She carefully selected 5 single dose medicines for me. For Shock, Head Injury, Grief, Glandular Fever (CFS) and one also for my Constitution. The immediate effect I felt when I took the one for Shock was incredible. Like my feet had suddenly hit the floor and were grounded and my head and eyes felt lighter and more open. The others will follow in the next couple of days, and will hopefully help me to heal some battle wounds Iʼve been carrying with me for too long.

When I came back to my room to write this final blog, I had an urge to look something up. A thought that seemingly came from nowhere but when I read it, pretty much summed up my journey here. Maybe it was those Monks telling me something!

“The time spent in the chrysalis is different for each species of Butterfly, but when the metamorphosis is complete the new butterfly will break its way out of the casing of the chrysalis and spread its new wings for the first time. The butterfly will generally cling onto the side of the chrysalis for an hour or so, to allow their wings to dry out, and enable them to fly for the first time”.

And with that in mind, itʼs time for me to flutter off to Samui Airport and back to the UK. I'm sad to be leaving but feeling stronger, happier and rejuvenated. Thank you for reading, Iʼll see you at the shows! Iʼll be the one in the midst of the madness, smiling, calmly directing my team and sipping Jiaogulan tea (good for strengthening the nervous system and delaying the aging process, donʼt you know)!


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