St. Tropez at V Festival: all the goss!

23 August 2011

Share in the backstage action at this weekend’s festival with St. Tropez’s celebrity tanning and skin finishing expert, Abbi Hollins, who has spent the last week adding a glow to artists and celebrities ahead of a weekend in the Louder Lounge...

On Friday, I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited. Tanned KT Tunstall earlier this week who is an absolute hero of mine and have been looking forward to V Festival ever since.
The St. Tropez tanning yurt is standing proud when we get to the Louder Lounge and it looks amazing. There’s talk of Billie Piper wanting a tan when she arrives tonight so we all get moving with making the space look as slick as possible.

By 5pm, we’ve already got appointments lined up for Saturday including Alexandra Burke who’s a massive fan of our skin finishing products, especially the shimmer stick and illuminators.
Before we lock up the yurt for a good night’s sleep we test the booths properly by tanning each other. Got to look our best for the weekend!

It as boiling hot on Saturday so lots of St. Tropez SPF was applied to the team and people in neighbouring tents. Is our good work never done?! I head over to Billie Piper’s Winnebago at about 10:30am and end up tanning her little sister, who is every bit of gorgeous as Billie, especially post-treatment!
The gates open and people literally run to our tent wanting tanning treatments before the day gets in full swing. As promised, Alexandra pops in for a chat and a giggle with the girls. Everybody’s delighted to meet her and the team makes sure she leaves with a bulging goody bag (couple of her fave shimmer sticks thrown in!).  Alexandra makes a date with the team for a skin finishing treatment at her house later in the week to get her shimmer on for her birthday on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it already!
The weather turns slightly and it starts to rai so hairdressing extraordinaire James Brown shelters in the St. Tropez Yurt with his close friend Meg Matthews. Ever the professional, he quizzes the team about ALL of the products and application tips – and shares some of his own styling tips with the tanners. We absolutely love him.
BBC pin up Russell Tovey drops by in the afternoon, having heard about the St. Tropez Man Tan treatment. He’s off on holiday this week so just wanted to get a head start. Think he was impressed with the results. We certainly were, what a cutie!

The ever-stylish Bip Ling also nose-dived into the tent for a top up of her tan. She’s a big fan and tried her best to persuade her uber gorgeous other half to have a treatment but he didn’t seem keen to jump the queue.
Miraculously, I managed to finish on time to see Arctic Monkeys where we bumped into Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and my crush of the weekend, Misfits actor Robert Sheehan.


Feeling a little worse for wear on Sunday but the sun is shining and after a bit of breakfast, I'm ready for another celeb-filled day.
Stacey Solomon ran over to the St. Tropez Yurt looking absolutely radiant and reaching out for a goody bag. She was busy interviewing the stars so didn’t have the time for a treatment but at least she filled her boots with plenty of product to see her through the summer.
Hot hipster Ellie Goulding and girl band Parade drop by to say hello and we get some nice shots of them outside the Yurt. They all seem very sweet and it’s not long before JLS are spotted nearby the tent. Could it be the Man Tan products or pretty girls attracting them in droves? I like to think it’s a little bit of both...



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