BLOG 4: Topshop's Make Up Artist Guest Blogs For Grazia Daily!

19 August 2011

Backstage hero and Topshop make up artist, Hannah Murray has always been a favourite amongst the Grazia Team Beauty gals. Not only has she created some of the hottest looks on our beauty shoots, but she always delivers wise words at Fashion Week, which we, of course, report straight back to you. And now, on a much deserved break to Thailand, Hannah has been blogging especially for Grazia Daily (and making us ultra-envious while she's at it). So over to you, Hannah…

Kaftan by Topshop, sunglasses by Bulgari

Iʼm starting to really worry about how Iʼm going to adjust to the real world after Kamalaya. I know that sounds ridiculous but I feel like Iʼm in the healthiest bubble and I donʼt want it to burst.

We had a bit of a taste of things to come when we went on the boat trip yesterday and found ourselves sitting next to chain-smoking, Coca Cola swilling backpackers. Not the biggest crime in the world I know (I was a backpacker once) but having been surrounded by goodness and serenity 24hrs a day it definitely tested my inner calm. That aside, we did have a giggle. Our Longboat almost capsized from the sheer number of people the Thaiʼs packed on (I was directed to a heap of life jackets to balance on) but the scenery was amazing, with majestic limestone mountains rising out of the turquoise water and thick thick jungle teeming with monkeys and wildlife.

Then it was home, thank God, for a delicious fresh vegetable juice followed by an hourʼs Shirodhara, one of the deepest relaxation experiences Iʼve ever had. A stream of warm, medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead which helps to connect and energise the ʻnadisʼ, the various channels that sustain our lives. It is believed to improve blood supply (good for me), thereby increasing flow of nutrients and oxygen, relieving tension, and restoring vitality. I literally thought I was going to float away.

I went to dinner drenched in oil (a smudge of NARS ʻLarger than Lifeʼ bronze eyeliner, Chanel Inimitable Mascara and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess on my cheekbones saved me from looking less than chic) but feeling amazing. For the past 3 nights we have been on the Communal table made up of all sorts of characters. Itʼs a cross between being on an exotic shoot, having dinner with my favourite team and being in the TV show ʻLostʼ. Fascinating people from all walks of life... an English Jewellery designer whoʼs been here for a month, an hilarious English Banker who lives in Hong Kong and travels to about 5 countries a week (and I thought my schedule was crazy), a German, yoga-loving architect based in Shanghai, a very funny Aussie whoʼs straight out of ʻKath & Kimʼ, a former rugby-player... and many more. And, shock horror, not a glass of wine in sight. Coconuts have replaced my chilled glass or two of Cotes de Provence and tasty dishes like Mung Bean Kedgiree and Tiger Prawns with Banana Flower salad have
replaced my filet steaks. My mouth is watering just thinking about the food here. Even for those on a detox, itʼs delicious.

Oh God, do I really have to go back to real life soon...?


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