The Case of the Disappearing (Invisible) Deodorant!

08 April 2011

We couldn’t resist sharing this little anecdote with you for a Friday afternoon giggle…

This week the new and highly anticipated Nivea deodorants landed on the Grazia Beauty Desk. Now it is not always that deodorants get sent in to us, so these useful little samples get snaffled up and drawer-bound for emergencies like spontaneous after-work drinks or, more commonly, en route to do a Topshop lunchtime whizz around, which we like to see as a mini workout.

One member of Grazia Team Beauty had cleverly snapped up not one but two of the new Nivea Invisible for Black & White roll-ons and tucked one away in her desk drawer while taking the other to try at home. And, lo and behold, a day later the deodorant was nowhere to be found. Somewhere between the bathroom shelf and bedroom (and this ain’t no mansion girls), the damn thing had gone walkies. Grrr… beauty junkies do NOT like it when samples go a-wol. But after a thorough scout around for this aptly named Invisible Deodorant, it was soon spotted on, can you Adam-and-Eve-it, the male cohabitant’s side of the bedroom, placed comfortably between aftershaves and hairbrushes. Shock horror!

So after a minor sense of humour failure and small anger outburst, we have now seen the funny side of it and hope the boyfriend’s dainty black and white T-shirts never see so much as a mark (and lucky we snaffled that extra sample away).

Nivea Invisible for Black & White Deodorant, £1.07 at Boots



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