WATCH Katy Perry's E.T Video PLUS Kabuki Dishes on the Beauty Look!

31 March 2011


Today we’re celebrating the landing (quite literally) of Katy Perry and Kanye West’s otherworldly new video for E.T, their latest musical endeavour. With visuals directed by Floria Sigismondi and striking beauty looks created by make-up artist and Myface Cosmetics artistic director Kabuki, we had a feeling it was going to be a gob-smacking delight and guess what? We're not disappointed! To fuel our excitement, we grabbed a chat with Kabuki to get the lowdown on his insider secrets...

'I was thrilled to get the call to do Katy Perry’s make-up for her next video. Then I received the 24-page treatment and I realized that this was going to be something truly special... When I arrived in Los Angeles, I met with the director, the fabulous Floria Sigismondi. We decided on three looks: an alien look, a fawn look and a tribal look.

'There were two shooting days and we had our work cut out! I was worried how Katy would fare sitting still for hours and hours but she was a delight to work with.  She told us how  she wanted to buy Russell Brand tickets to a flight to outer space!

'I’m not sure if Katy knew Kanye West very well but she was so excited to work with him. I’d worked with Kanye a few times, most recently as a make-up design consultant on Runaway, his epic 30-minute video.  Both shoot days were long (I think the second day was something like 15 hours!) but we got it done and everyone seems to like it!'

As much as we'd like to, we have an inkling our fellow Graziettas might have a heart attack if we turned up to working the er, funky look but for those of you who want to give this one a try, look no further...


  1. Prep the face with moisturizer and apply white cream  foundation with a sponge.
  2. Take a bright pink cream foundation (If you can’t find one try  a matte lipstick), and fill in the temples, jaw line, cheekbone to under-eye,  and in between the inner eyebrow and eyelid.
  3. Use a fluffy foundation brush to blend the pink into the white  cream.  Then, set the whole face  with half white/half no-colour powders and a powder puff.
  4. Fine tune the pink areas and create more shading with a  vibrant fuchsia eye shadow.
  5. For the pattern on the forehead, I created my own silkscreen  stencil and airbrushed through it. The effect can be duplicated by loading a  big blush brush with fuchsia eye shadow and applying it through a paper doily  or a piece of lace.


  1. With a royal blue cream make-up, define the upper crease of  the eyelid and blend outwards and upward till it wings out Egyptian-style. Set  with powder.  
  2. Using the same cream, paint a blue border framing the face,  making it look like a mask. Apply diamonds & pearls blingtone from  myface.cosmetics to the upper lid and line the lower water line with white  pencil liner, extending the line all the way to the edge of the brow.
  3. Paint a tapering line of electric blue liquid liner under the  lower lashes and give it time to dry.
  4. Use black mascara on the top and blue mascara on the lower  lashes.  
  5. Apply ¾ of a false eyelash to the middle of the lash line


  1. Fill in the lips with a dark violet eyeliner pencil and a  matching lip color.
  2. Highlight the  center with metallic violet eyeshadow

WOWZERS! Are you up for the out-of-this-world challenge?

- Rose Beer


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