An Orgasm Fragrance? Francois Nars Dishes the Dirt!

03 March 2011

You might think that being surrounded by make-up all day, everyday could mean that the novelty of another new palette might wear off.  We can, however, hand-on-heart say that Francois Nars’ new collections are always guaranteed to get us squealing, which is why we were super excited to stumble upon his recent interview with Refinery29. Get a load of these sound-bites!

On the Orgasm products: "You never know which colour will be a best-seller…I designed the first Orgasm blush the way I design all my colours and it just happened that the public fell in love with the name and the colour. It didn't seem that daring, but everyone loved it."

On fast food: "The Nars multiple is the ultimate, triple-duty product. It's my idea of fast food makeup and one of my favourites. It works for eyes, cheeks, and lips—it's really versatile."

On fragrance: "It's always been my dream to do a fragrance. I like a bit of weird and eclectic elements—white flowers, musk, smoky scents—all my favourites aren't mainstream…maybe one day there will be an Orgasm fragrance!" (ER, YES PLEASE, FRANCOIS)

On inspiration: "Even when I sleep, I dream about makeup, and beauty in general. I get inspired constantly, from a million different things. I'm on beauty alert at all times, that's how I have to be."

On keeping it real: "We always try to do something a little bit crazy and decadent at Marc's shows—something not totally safe—because the runways should inspire. But the idea is to take some element and translate that into real life, like maybe the colour of the lips or the shape of the eye….You can lighten up strong colours by keeping them transparent and using a light touch. It just has to fit your personality and be an expression of yourself."

Exciting news all round! So what do you think NARS Eau de Orgasm might smell like?

- Rose Beer


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