Our Health Editor's Hangover Cure!

27 December 2010


Worst. Hangover. Ever.

Last week we swore we’d never drink again. But we’re bang in the middle of the party season and, well, hangovers happen. Help!…

It’s the three little words no-one wants to hear: ‘please drink sensibly’. Frankly, just thinking about the vodkatinis we put away last night curdles our stomachs. Fortunately, the latest raft of hangover helpers will make you feel human again, whatever stage of horror you’re at…

Before you go out
Artichoke is a champagne-lover’s best friend, as it increases the production of digestive enzymes which help your body metabolise alcohol faster. If artichoke canapés aren’t on the menu, pop a Health Aid Artichoke Tablet before you go out and your body can break down the toxins asap.
www.victoriahealth.com; , £10.99 for 60 tablets.

Before you go to bed
Have two more shots. Halle Berry got us on to Sprayology and Lisa Snowdon swears just two sprays of the new Party Relief under the tongue can help to relieve nausea before going to bed. It’s down to the liver-cleansing dandelion extract, apparently. All we care about is saying goodnight to that sicky, spinny feeling and getting a half-decent night’s sleep.
www.beautyworkswest.com; , £17 for 41ml.

When you wake up
During London Fashion Week the model sanctuary was raided of Clean Greens capsules – the only detox therapy that eased the pain of fashion party hangovers. Now Clean Greens are available for rest of us too. The chlorophyll-rich supplements contain all manner of good things like grass juices, leaf vegetables, seed sprouts, sea greens and digestive herbs that help your body cleanse itself – without you having to eat anything yucky.
www.pukkaherbs.com; , £15.75 for 90 capsules.

When you’re dying at your desk
You need a serious antioxidant punch to combat the damage you did to yourself last night. Enter Red Lightning, a yummy natural energy drink with 30 whole food concentrates and extracts, including superfoods açai, goji and noni. It gives you an instant burst of energy and doesn’t give you a massive sugar low afterwards, result.
www.nutricentre.com, £1.89 per sachet.

When you need a miracle
Stagger into Bliss Spa for a 105-minute Hangover Herbie, the ultimate post-champagne pick-me-up. A herbal wrap speeds up detoxification, a luxurious face mask and oxygen treatment revitalises your complexion, and an anti-migraine massage puts an end to your killer headache. Miracles indeed. www.blissworld.co.uk; £190 for 105 minutes.

- Kate Faithfull, Grazia's Health Editor


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