Lady Gaga’s wig maker CUTS Grazia Daily's Hair!! (Plus WIN a free hairdo!)

01 December 2010

My hair BEFORE I get MINDone!

Oh my DAYZE! Has Grazia Daily ever been so excited about a ‘work assignment’ as the day we visited Charlie Le Mindu’s Pop Up Salon in Soho? No, never. So, in honour of Charlie’s new venue at Machine A in Berwick St, London the man himself has flown in especially from Canada JUST to do my hair and I could not be more thrilled. The only question is, what will my hair end up like? Will it look like THIS?

S/S '11 collection


A/W '10 collection



S/S '10 collection

The man responsible for Peaches’ quiff, Gaga’s pink flamingo hair dress, Pam Hogg’s daffodil yellow tresses and Jodie Harsh’s bouffant has never been known to hold back.  As Charlie primped me up I took the opportunity to ask him a few probing interview questions. Charlie first started hairdressing 10 years ago in a very traditional salon in France, doing perms on a clientele made up largely of old ladies. Next he graduated to punks and outcasts in a crazy salon where they used to love giving pet dogs and cats extreme makeovers.

Next Charlie decided to move to the rave capital of Berlin where he made cutting hair in clubs his trademark. ‘Although I usually refused if someone was too drunk’ he explained, ‘coz I didn’t want them to come after me in the morning!’

It was in Berlin that he met Peaches, the avant-garde electro-punk star, who took him on as hairdresser, ‘and best friend’ and she turned out to be the first of his many (many) celebrity clients. Holy crimping irons! The man handling my hair has also fondled the follicles of Gaga and nearly everyone who’s anyone in the fashion-orientated pop crowd. At the moment he's making wigs for M.I.A's next tour.

He is also famous for his catwalk shows that take place twice a year at London Fashion Week, including the most recent one, S/S ’11, where one or two his models wore . . . absolutely nada (apart from the spectacular wigs) which caused a bit of a controversy. ‘I think I might stop showing at London and show in Paris instead. When I 'ad naked models and people made such a fuss about it I thought it was stupid. But then, maybe it is because I am French. Over in France [nudity] is much more normal. You know, on TV, on magazines and on adverts. It was too much fuss in London I thought. At Paris Fashion Week it would be ok. Although in New York I would probably be arrested’


We also chatted about celebrities, the ones he hasn’t yet got his scissors around. His ideal client? ‘Cher. Absolutely. She is my ultimate in trashy style. I would love to do ‘er wigs. It’s all wigs what she wears. No one knows what she ‘as underneath!’ and what about hot new thing of the moment, Nicki Minaj? ‘I ‘aven’t done her hair but I think she was inspired by me. Amber Rose is my friend and she come to the show, and she is friends with Nicki Minaj so I think she knows about me and that’s where she gets her ideas from.’ Sneaky minx! And finally, the question we’d been bursting to ask from the start of the session. What Charlie would do if he had Cheryl Cole in his salon? ‘I would shave ‘er.’

Truly, he is a one-off!

And I end up looking like THIS! BEAUTIFUL! Can’t decide if I look like Gaga or a My Little Pony. I am thrilled.

If you would like to book an appointment for a ‘do at Charlie’s Pop Up Salon at Machine A in Soho in London then email for an appointment. He’s here on Friday and Saturdays for a month starting this week (Friday 3rd December) so get booking! The tenth person to email and mention Grazia in the message will get their hairdo free!



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