We're in a spin for Gravity Yoga!

25 November 2010

There are a couple of members of Team Beauty that have developed a habit of sneaking out of Grazia HQ three minutes early at 5.57pm on a Wednesday for an evening yoga session. We don't like to boast but yoga bunnies, we are.  So when news of Zero Gravity Yoga came our way, we simply had to give it a whirl. A 'unique and challenging series of inversions and poses' sounded like just our thing. Admittedly, the whole procedure was considerably more hardcore than our usual yoga classes - there wasn't a surface in sight to rest on, just our very tense muscles holding on for dear life while being suspended in the air the wrong way up. But once inverted, contorted and wrapped around the ropes, there was a definite sense of relaxation with a healthy dose of nostalgia for our childhood climbing frame.

With endless benefits including better circulation, core strength (hello abs!), and a good old boost to the immune system, we will be regularly hanging out, quite literally, with Aisha between now and Christmas. So c'mon yoga bunnies, build up your core strength in preparation for all the Christmas re-toxing ahead...

Zero Gravity Yoga is £30 a class for non members. For more information visit www.thechelseaclub.com

- Angelica Hermon



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