The Vaccine of Youth - Yes, Really!

06 September 2010

So we all know that vaccinations work by putting a tiny bit of a disease into the body stimulating it to produce anti-bodies and therefore immunity, but is it really possible to treat the skin against aging in a similar manner? With their latest launch Vax'in For Youth Serum, £60 French beauty giant Givenchy say yes, it absolutely is. While the new product is by no means a needle, the brand claim that it mimics conventional inoculation.

Professor Suresh Rattan, a biogerontologist who studies the biology of ageing at The University of Aarhus in Denmark, is the brains behind the new serum.  He states that 'Science cannot make you immortal or perform miracles...from a biological perspective, all aspects of all organisms - brain, muscles, bone, skin - decline with age, but it is possible to slow this decline.' While many modern skincare products focus on identifying external factors that accelerate the decline and aging of cells (UV rays, environmental pollutants and unhealthy lifestyles), and trying to protect us from them, Rattan and Givenchy have taken a different approach which suggests the body has an in-built protection system that is triggered by putting it under stress.

Rattan discovered that skin cells subjected to 'stress' in the form of high temperatures, for short periods, appeared to age more slowly, live longer and function better than those left at a normal temperature. In fact stimulating 'stress' seemed to induce the production of protective compounds. Givenchy have therefore worked to create a cream that could stimulate this stress, choosing sanchi, a ginseng extract, and hypotaurine, a protein naturally present in the body to do the trick.  They found that in a laboratory environment these ingredients could increase production of the protective compounds by 24% in just 6 hours.  Applied to human skin, the brand are convinced that this proudct should slow wrinkle formulation and reinforce tone and elasticity too. 

We love the theory behind this one but what are your thoughts?

Givenchy Vax'in for Youth, £60 available nationwide

- Rose Beer



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