WATCH Roja Dove’s Tour of Harrods' Perfume Diaries Exhibition!

03 September 2010


WOW. Grazia Daily has something unbelievably exciting for you. Last night, Harrods launched The Perfume Diaries, its incredible new exhibition exploring the past, present and future of the fragrance industry. This is the most comprehensive exhibition of its kind, and the glossy white modern space contains hundreds of fragrance bottles, many never seen before by the public, as well as related artifacts such as a Dior couture dress from the 1940s.

We couldn’t WAIT to see it, and of course, we wanted a sneaky preview before it opened today, so we headed down to the world’s most famous department store yesterday afternoon.

And who should we bump into but Roja Dove, the curator of this fabulous exhibition and the man who fragrance obsessives worldwide will know as THE perfume expert (he is the only person to carry the title of Professor of Perfume).

So we thought, who better to take us on a little tour around the exhibition that he calls 'the most important perfumery exhibition that there has ever been in the world'?  

The wonderful Monsieur Dove graciously agreed to our cheeky request and proceeded to weave wonderful tales which open up a long-forgotten world of beauty, indulgence, and magical alchemy, as he moved from decade to decade to explain the exhibits (some of which are from his own personal collection – like the antique box of sample Chanel perfumes, containing two fragrances that were never released for sale).

Oh, and we thought you might be jealous, so we filmed Roja’s tour, creating a series of videos which we will be uploading onto the site, for your delight, over the coming week.

The exhibition also includes a lecture series at Harrods, with speakers including none other than Jean-Paul Guerlain. There’s no doubt that perfume fanatics will be travelling from all around the world to get to this exhibition.

But for everyone else… we’re offering a video lecture course in fragrance through the ages, taught by the world’s only Professor of Perfume - just press play.  Quiet at the back, please.

Today... Lesson One: The Beginning of Perfumery

[NB this might be some of the worst camerawork you've ever seen, but stick with it, because the content is worth it, we promise]




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