Tavi Has Dyed Her Hair...But WHICH Colour?

03 August 2010

So Tavi has dyed her hair.... bright scarlet red. The pint-sized scribe explained on her Style Rookie blog "For a while now I've been in a kind of rut where I second-guess my outfits and are more conscious about the people around me whenever I go anywhere, so it was great to just do something like this and remember that it can be fun to embrace stares. And fun to wear Comme des Garcons toe shoes. And have red hair. Oh, I didn't tell you guys about my red hair! Sheba [Tavi's hairdresser ] did it a couple weeks ago. This is it at its best, methinks. Enjoy!"

Further feedback has been reported from Tavi's Dad "You dyed your hair without our permission?!" which is fun, but also weird, because hasn't Tavi already dyed her hair many bold shades, grey, lilac, blue etc which presumably Dad DID give permission for.

You can see the hair (and those genius Commes red toes shoes) in action in Tavi's new film, which she made with her sister for a Vimeo competition... As the blogstar explains "It's not fashion-related (the outfits are really supposed to be more those of someone who likes fun clothes, not fashion) but I thought I'd post it anyway because we're really proud of it." Grazia Daily has been loving watching this cute little film, and we think Tavi's new hair makes her look like the girl from Kick-Ass (even though her hair was purple). It hasn't quite encouraged us to go red, but we like how it's totally shaken up her signature old-lady look...

Chalk from Rivkah Gevinson on Vimeo.


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