FINALLY the moment we've all been waiting for..

13 July 2010

brad pitt beardbrad pitt beard

We couldn't believe it when we saw the new photos from LA today. It seems the moment we've all been waiting for - for two loooong years - is finally here. Yes, former heart-throb Brad Pitt has shaved off that much-maligned beard.

The actor's hateful facial hair has been plaited, goatee'd, beaded and  - yuckety yucky - just left to do its own horrible, frizzy, greying thing. Honestly, we think Angelina is an absolute saint / mad. And it seems Ms Jolie's endless pleading (we're just guessing) was not the reason that Brad has at last relented and reached for the razor. Apparently the chin-fluff has been removed for an acting role - in Mr Pitt's new movie Moneyball, which he has just started filming - hence, the bare chin and a long-awaited full view of Brad's gorgeous features (we'd actually forgotten how hot he is). Anyway, these might not be the greatest pics in the world (we suspect Brad may not have been consulted when they were taken), but we just wanted to let you know that the worst is over.

And good riddance!

russell brand beard

PS in a surreal contrast, pictures have also been popping up in the blogosphere of dandy wannabe rocker Russell Brand without his signature piratey beard. Seems Brand also removed his facial hair for a film role - in his case, taking over from Dudley Moore in the remake of 'Arthur'. Sadly, Brad seems to have used up all the shaving alchemy that turned him back into a sex god, with none left over for Russell. Whatever will Katy make of this new, clean-shaven and alarmingly toothy fiancee? We highly recommend that Brand wears a fake beard for his wedding...

russell brand beard


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