Top of the Chops

27 April 2010

Spotted: Renee Zellweger out and about with a pixie crop. How delightful. Oh, and there's that Heidi Klum sporting a brand new trim. Very interesting! And wait, has Hayden Panettiere gone for the chop too? We feel a pattern emerging... Could Aggy’s decision go all Sinead O'Connor on us have sparked an A-list trend? Or is the sunshine to blame for all this hair-weight shedding? We've decided to investigate with our new weekly feature, The Weekend's Best Tressed (ha! see what we've done there?). Every Monday, we'll bring you the hot hair trends that have been gracing the heads of our fave celebs, especially for the follicle followers amongst us.

For Episode One, we take a look at the haircut du jour, starting with the young Hayden:

Once the ultimate golden girl, Hayden dyed her blonde locks a sultry auburn shade earlier this year and we liked. The rich colour really made her green eyes pop, warmed those cherub-like cheeks and ensured she stood out from the rest of young Hollywood. At the time, she told Us Magazine: 'I'm typically a very fiery person anyway, but I just feel like cute and blonde and little is just so one category and...changing my hair colour, I feel like I don't have to overcompensate so much for the fact that I don't like being called cute.' Indeed, it was the colour du jour — remember when Jessica Alba and our Chezza got plummy and more recently, Kelly Osbourne has followed suit, too. Plus, it added at least five years to Hayden's fresh face, which can only be a good thing when you’re a 20 year old starlet shaking off your cute-as-pie image while dating a man 13 years your senior... But it seems HP is easily bored because, not content with hitting the bottle for a new hair hue, she went one step further and shocked the world with this:

At first, we thought she’d scraped her locks into a sleek bun but au contraire! With a drastic slash and one slick quiff, Hayden is transformed into an edgy elf with a side order of cool. It’s boyish in a Peter Pan way, yet still elegant — a mix of Kristen Stewart’s attitude with Carey Mulligan’s chic — the perfect combination to up your respectability among the fash pack. Yep, the message is clear: gone is the sickeningly sweet girlie girl, here’s a force to be reckoned with.

It seems Heidi was on the same wavelength as Hayden, although we’re not so sure why she’d want to add five years, but that’s exactly what this 'do does, no? From sexy damsel with a head of bouncing curls a la Brigitte Bardot to a prim and proper politician’s wife in one cut... why Heidi why?! We could handle the shorter length and even the heavy fringe, but we do not dig such choppy layers. It’s all rather perplexing because here we were thinking La Klum had a magic ability to pull off absolutley anything. So what does she have to say for herself? "I got bored," she told Jay Leno, which makes us wonder whether Heidi went trigger happy with the scissors one dull Tuesday night and hacked away at the barnet herself... Hence, a word to the wise: don't DIY, even if you are a supermodel.

So what of Zellweger? Apparently, the lady responsible for her cut, Lori McCoy-Bell, “was very brave. She just grabbed chunks of it, twisted it and shredded,” said Renee. Eek, sounds brutal, but considering the actress has always sported a short style and we fell in love with the wispy locks of Bridget Jones, this move to pixie lengths isn’t such a shocker. It's nothing too radical but enough to bring a fresh twist to her look. The icy tone is crisp and youthful, plus with that cheeky smile of hers, our Zell looks terrifically cute in a gamine sorta way – and all this despite comparisons to Boris Johnson (harsh, but now you mention it...). We always knew canoodling with the muscular charms of Bradley Cooper could only be a good thing.

So while we wonder who’s next in line to join the cropped crew (go on Bilson, you know you want to!), do tell us who’s your top of the crops.

by Jessica Vince


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