Survive the silly season

28 December 2009

If you’re reading this with a fuzzy head and a dry mouth, then take heart - there are things you can do to cure your Christmas hangover. Just follow this advice from juice company The Juice Doctor…
*Eat lots of green stuff – ‘Dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and kale are all very high in a chemical called sulforophane,’ says Dale Pinnock, who co-founded The Juice Doctor with Olympic winner Sir Steve Redgrave. ‘It helps your liver to detox and excrete alcohol from your body more efficiently, so have a huge pile with your lunch or dinner.’
*Eat a banana – when you’ve had too much to drink, your body becomes depleted of potassium (which is why you feel so awful). Bananas are packed with potassium, plus they help relax your blood vessels, which relieves headaches.
*Keep drinking water – a hangover is 60% dehydration, so drink at least 2.5litres of still water throughout the day (with tea and coffee on top of that).
*Have some ginger – it helps with nausea, so have a couple of Ginger Nuts or grate some fresh ginger into a stir-fry or salad.
*Exercise – yes really. It gets blood pumping around your body which helps get rid of toxins, as does working up a sweat. If you can’t face anything too energetic, just walk around the block a couple of times at lunchtime.
*Eat lots of deep purple too – radishes, plums and beetroot also help a hangover. They’re full of a chemical called beta-cyanin, which speeds up detoxification of the liver.
*Have a hot bath – you’ll sweat out all the toxins currently swirling around your body. Just make sure you take a glass of water in with you to stop you becoming dehydrated.
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- Maria Lally, Grazia's Health editor


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