James Brown on what's next for Kate's hair!

13 October 2009

Kate Moss

We’re seriously looking forward to finally seeing behind the doors of James Brown’s salon, when his show starts at 10pm tonight on E4.

James might claim 'It just amazes me the amount of interest in celebrities' hair', but his show is called James Brown’s Supermodel Salon after all, and you can expect appearances from Lily Allen, Davinia Taylor and, of course, his BFF Kate Moss.

The pair’s close friendship (20 years and counting) is well known, and they see each other every day.

'She trusts me 100% and vice versa,' says Brown, which is probably just as well considering his rather, uh, spontaneous approach to the supermodel’s hair. 'It's always just spur of the moment, so when I cut off her hair a few years ago she was literally dressed, make-up on, and something came over me and I said, "Let's cut all your hair off!" and she was like, "Oh, OK then!" So I cut her hair off into that really short crop in literally five minutes. Then it caused this huge storm about how she'd cut all her hair off.'

And last week he revealed what may be next for La Moss’s locks. 'I did actually say two nights ago, "Ooh, I really want to make your hair dark brown again, you look great with dark brown hair," and she was like, "Oh no, I don't want to," but then that might stick in her head or my head, then it might happen.'

But the hairdresser denies that the image changes are deliberate attempts to raise her profile. 'It's not like we sit down like some celebrities and think 'OK, what can we do to get more press?" because she doesn't want the press necessarily! It's just whenever, wherever really.' And he does really mean ‘wherever’. 'I have been to dinner at a restaurant and just happened to have a pair of scissors with me and done a haircut at dinner on a friend of mine.'

Personally, we’d rather book into his salon. From the preview pics (in today’s new issue of Grazia), we reckon his beyond-glossy new premises in Primrose Hill will finally give this super-stylist the showcase he deserves. [t5m]


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