Guest blogger: What REALLY happens backstage at NYFW…

14 September 2009

neil young

Fashion Weeks aren’t only about the clothes, you know. The way you’ll be wearing your hair, or doing your eyes, next spring is pretty much decided by the gurus who work all hours backstage. So we decided to follow MAC’s amazing make-up artist Neil Young for a month to get the scoop on eyeliner, lipstick and what the models are gossiping about under the hairdryers. Because you know all the real action happens there… Check back daily for his reports – and to download the MAC face charts from each show so you can have a go at home.


What a day! Got up at 4.30am having only slept for three hours and headed to my first show Behnaz Sarafpour, where Gordon Espinet created make-up based around a black and white photo. The make-up was really about making the shadows where they naturally occur appear darker and more pronounced, to give the face structure without the obvious use of make-up. Products like Copperplate eyeshadow were used to contour the lid and hollows of the cheeks whilst Taupe blusher added definition to the top of the cheekbones. A good old classic Stone lip pencil defined the lip and Soothing Beige lip conditioner added a hint of shine, as you’ll see from my picture. The clothes were stunning and the hair had an almost 1940s feel – a gorgeous way to start the day!

erin fetherston

After the show I headed straight back to bed for 40 winks (napping’s the trick to staying sane during fashion week) before going back to Milk studios for my second show Erin Fetherston. My first stop was of course the food bar – cakes, sandwiches and fruit all of the low-fat, healthy variety. Or not! Let me tell you it makes a change from grapes and nuts! I can't live on rabbit food all month! Lucia Pica created a beautiful burnished elongated eye in warm browns and a peach flush high on the cheekbones close to the eyes as opposed to a blush using a new formula of blush cream in optimistic orange. The eyes were a blend of Dark Brown cream liner followed by Cork and Brun eye shadows to diffuse the eye rather than define it. Lips were left natural to give the eyes strength. Of the two shows Behnaz was my favourite for both clothes and make-up. You can’t beat a little timeless beauty in my eyes! Now it’s off for a well earned drink only to do it all over again... Uh oh!


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