So will YOU be going without eyebrows?

17 July 2009


If you struggled to get your head about harem pants, here's a heads up: the latest beauty trend ain't going to be your thing. Because it's all about shaving off your eyebrows. All together now, eeek! Fashion houses have, of course, been bleaching eyebrows for ages. They're Rick Owens' signature look, Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci made Adriana Lima do it for his latest advertising campaign and there's that little genius story of Dick Page being irritated that he spent all that time dying the Marc Jacobs girls eyebrows before they were hidden with straw boater hats. But where the designers lead it seems, the scenesters on the street always just need to push it that one step further. Especially it seems a crowd living in New York who have taken to shaving off their brows with a BIC razor. Ok, we made that up but you get the jist. ‘I get a lot of stares,' says [eyebrow-less] Mr. Toro, who wasn't immediately recognized by his friends the evening he first did it because his face had changed so much. ‘But it's cool because they are perplexed looks instead of something hateful.' He cites the ‘reason' (and we say this in the loosest sense of the word because really can it justify de-browing yourself?) is that it helps unify the crowd, making everyone ‘a-sexual.' The New York Times though, credit this new beauty phenomenon as yet another sign of the recession taking hold (wasn't Woolworths closing scary enough?) as people are searching for even more extreme ways to express themselves. But whilst it's true the economic crisis does prompt beauty experimentation - 'There's a recession so there's always a backlash in make-up, it's more upbeat and off the wall', Charlotte Tilbury told us backstage at Veronique Le Roy - we're personally not sure we could go without brows. After all, aren't they there for a biological reason. Like, to stop dust going in your eyes or something - Update: according to our Specials Director, Lucy Dunn, eyebrows were to protect our eyes from the sun 'like cavemen's sunglasses' she said! So if we can't do razors we guess there's only one thing for it. Bass us the Jolen bleach please. Oh God, can we REALLY even do that?! Jury's out... [NY Mag, New York Times, Daily Mail]



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