30 April 2009

Beauty nightmare: Christina’s lipstick slip-up

christina aguleria

Oh we feel for you, Christina... She's forgotten to check in the mirror before a night out and walked out with a huge smudge of red lipstick across her face! Now we know it could happen to any girl but, with just a few lipstick rules, you could avoid a Christina-style slip-up. Gwen Stefani, Taylor Momsen, Dita Von Teese and all those converted to lipstick in the last month listen up:

1. Apply lipstick to a base like a foundation or concealer ensuring it's around the edges to stop smudges.
2. Apply the lippy.
3. Layer one single sheet of tissue paper (you may need to separate it if you have multi-ply) over the lips and sweep translucent powder over the tissue. This absorbs the excess and sets the lipstick just like you would set foundation. Result: no smudges
4. Alternatively, you could cheat and try Revlon's new Ultimate Liquid Lipstick that stays put for 12 hours and acts a bit like a stain!

Happy kissing!


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Emma Flavell (Thu Feb 23 12:59:32 GMT 2012): Oh No, she will positively DIE when she finds out that her Lipstick smudged, because, as if the fact that she has put on 22 stone in weight would bother her at all, hell no, but Lisptick smudging? That's gotta hurt.