HOW TO apply false eyelashes...

20 March 2009

We spent the entire series of X Factor literally lusting after Cheryl Cole's peepers so we weren't surprised to hear that sales of false lashes have gone through the roof recently. We have to admit though - even as beauty devotees - we're still clueless when it comes to actually getting the fiddly things on. So we caught up with London's top lash guru, Evan Huang of Harrods' Urban Retreat, to find out just HOW TO apply false lashes.

Step 1: Get your Mister Mascara lashes and fit them to your eye size. Ensuing that you don't mix up the left and right sets of lashes, hold each up to the correct eye and use a pair of nail scissors to shorten them if necessary. They should fit perfectly from the inner to the outer corner of your eye.

Step 2: Practice applying your lashes to your kneecap! Evan's top (and genius!) tip is that the shape of your kneecap is almost exactly the same as that of your eye socket, (who knew?!) so practicing there first will get your application just right...

Step 3: Use a lip brush to paste on a thin layer of glue to the edge of the lashes and wait for 30 seconds until it goes tacky.

Step 5: Use the tiny pair of tweezers (provided in the packet) to gently press them into the very root of your own lashes - starting from the outside and working inwards. Flutter-factor sorted!

- Bella Blissett

Urban Retreat at Glamour to Go, Harrods also offer lash conultations for lash fittings, Bespoke Individual lashes (from £25) and Couture lashes (from £20) that are perfect for parties. 020 7893 8333,

Mister Mascara 'Lashings of Glamour' full lash set, £8.82,


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