Beauty 118!

22 January 2009


If you've got a burning beauty question, now is your chance to get the solution! Last week we kicked off our new regular, Beauty 118, so we're solving your conundrums and taking all new tricky questions for next week...

Q. I would really like to know what you'd recommend to revive dry hair. I have highlights every three months and my gets horribly straw-like. Help!

A. When your highlighted hair looks drier than a desert, there's only one SOS solution: the Kerastase in-salon Pixelist ritual (£10) revives thirsty hair, brings back its softness and will help you keep your colour looking fab for longer – so you can delay your next salon appointment!


Q. I have seriously dry skin and am always on the hunt for THE miracle-cure facial cream to clear up all my dry patches & not send my seriously sensitive skin into an itchy rash. Any suggestions? Considering the crunch of credit, I'm on a pretty tight budget but desperately need a solution so am willing to splurge (just this once!).

A. So, the good news is that even when your skin is ultra-dry and troublesome, splashing the cash is not necessary! The entire beauty team are currently addicted to one thing for their stressed-out winter skin and that is the genius range by Avène. It's 'Intolerant Skin' collection is not only super-hydrating, but is really gentle on sensitive skin. The icing on the cake would be to bag yourself their Eau Thermale to spritz on and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. And the even better news? The Eau Thermale is only £3 for 50ml and the Intolerance Extreme Cream just £13.95;


Q. I absolutely love the nude lip look that MAC's "lip erase" gives, yet sadly this is only available to beauty professionals, (which, alas, I am not!). Do you know of a product that will give the same effect and is available to mere mortals?

A. When we got your question, we got straight on the phone to our pals at MAC who confirmed that the product you're after is for pros, BUT you can get your hands on it at one of the specialist shops in London such as the MAC Soho store or by mail order (0870 034 2676). Failing that, the next best thing would be their Lipstick in Fleshpot that will help you achieve that same bleached-out pout (£11.26; ). Happy shopping...


Q. My question is an oldie but a goodie... I'm looking for an eyecream that REALLY does reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. I've tried everything and still look like I've been out drinking way too much!

A. Dark circles are usually due to broken capillaries, so it's really important to make sure you do not persistently rub your eyes. They can often look worse when you wake up, due to fluid build-up so make sure you use a really refreshing eye gel as soon as you wake up. We love Darphin Dark Circles Relief and De-puffing Serum (£37.19; 0870 034 2566).


Q. Could you tell me if there's anything in the world that can help treat my rosacea?

A. The worst thing you can do is aggravate your condition by bombarding it with harsh products. Go for products packed with anti-inflammatories that calm, soothe and strengthen your skin instead. Blackcurrant, Green and White Tea are both great so look out for them in products. Many dermatologists recommend taking them as supplements as well – Neals Yard have a great White Tea Facial Mist that is ideal for keeping your skin protected and soothed throughout the day (£8.80;


Q. What's the best anti-ageing product for combination skin that's also prone to pimples? I want to keep my expression lines at bay without making my spots worse!

A. For sesnitive, spot-prone skin that needs a bit of a boost against ageing, check out La Roche Posay's Redermic for normal to combination skin. It fights those aging free radicals, improves moisture levels and fills out existing lines without causing pesky breakouts (£23;


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